11 best wireless earphones and headphones for this Father’s Day dad

Buying a gift for your dad can be really a hassle, especially Wireless earphones and headphones.

Not all dads have the same needs for wireless audio, of course. Dad has different head shapes and ear sizes! On Father’s Day, we have put together the perfect wireless earphones and headphones for all types of dads. Some are suitable for everyone, while others are focused on more specific use cases, but I’ve tested all of them and found them to be the best.

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For a traveling dad

The Bose QC45 is a typical pair of “dad” headphones. These lightweight wireless headphones feature prestigious active noise canceling (ANC) that repels even the most powerful jet engines. They aren’t the best sounding ANC headphones you can get, but they’re still pretty good. It also has physical button controls so your dad doesn’t have to mess with gestures. As an all-around, the QC45’s weight, comfort, foldable design, and features easily win.

If you’re willing to spend a little more on more advanced headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM4 and the new WH-1000XM5 sound better, the ANC is more effective and the battery life is longer, but Dad is touch-based. Control.

For Android fathers

If your dad doesn’t plan to switch from Android to iPhone right away, all you can do is provide them with the best audio experience. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro is the closest thing to experiencing AirPods Pro on Samsung Galaxy devices. These work well on any phone, but certain features such as fast pairing and built-in software configuration controls are specific to Galaxy devices. It also supports Samsung’s “scalable codec” when used on Galaxy devices, providing higher audio quality compared to AAC and SBC. Launch with features such as great ANC and audio quality to get a winning pair.

For dad who loves Jim

Regardless of the mobile platform your dad is using, Beats Fit Pro works a lot, fits snugly in your ears, is IPX4 water resistant, and is perfect if you need a strong ANC. For iOS users, Beats Fit Pro has an Apple H1 chip that allows you to quickly pair and sync across all Apple devices. The case doesn’t have wireless charging, but it uses USB-C instead of Lightning. Beats also has a suitable Android app that allows users to customize FitPro by updating the firmware as easily as possible on iOS.

For dads working at home or in the office

Shokz’s bone conduction headphones are loved by enthusiastic runners, cyclists and swimmers, but they’re also great for professionals at work. Shokz Opencomm features a boom microphone for incredible call quality, and unlike traditional headphones, the headset doesn’t cover or insert your ears, making it perfect for all-day wear. And with IP55 dust and water resistance, you don’t sacrifice durability compared to Shokz’s fitness-focused headset.

I recommended Opencomm to my dad a few months ago because he was recovering from surgery and had to call in bed for a few weeks. He loves headsets and uses them whenever he needs to be fully aware of his surroundings, such as when working from his home.

If your dad works in an office building or prefers ANC, Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 is another great option. They have great comfort, sound quality, and ANC, but they also have one great office feature: multipoint support. High-speed pairing with a Windows machine is possible, and you can maintain a connection with your smartphone. If you’re watching a video on your work PC and you get a call, you’ll need to pause the video on your headphones so you can answer the call. The trademark rotatable dial for ANC and volume control provides quick analog access to transparent mode whenever you need to talk to someone.

For dads who need simplicity

Jabra Elite4 Active has a lot of charm. For starters, they retail for only $ 120 (and can be found at cheaper sales than usual). Its price gives you a pretty good ANC, a great fit, and great sound quality. These wireless earphones cover the basics very well. Those touch gestures are easy to learn, and if you like the way you hear them out of the box, you can almost ignore the app. These are great starter options that won’t break your bank.

Apple’s entry-level wireless earphones provide an open-style experience to raise awareness of the outside world. They sound great and support 3D audio in both video playback and Apple Music. If your dad doesn’t care about ANC, or if you’re settled in the Apple ecosystem, AirPods 3 is also a good choice.

For dads who want to be flashy

There is nothing wrong with a dad who appreciates the better of life. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX ANC headphones feature memory foam earcups wrapped in lambskin and a metal finish for superior comfort and appearance. The 40mm driver delivers a great sound experience, and AptX Adaptive support promises great audio quality on your Android phone. Of course, if you drop $ 500 on your dad’s gift, everything about them is better.

AirPods Max is the best cherry if your dad is all in the Apple ecosystem. These premium cans are all made of metal and feature some of the most strikingly designed acoustics found in wireless headphones. That “smart” case is suspicious and heavier than its competitors, but the overall experience of Apple users here is virtually unmatched.

For dad who is an audio fan

Calling wireless products “audio fan grade” is a bit flashy and blasphemous for many real audiophiles who refuse to give up music over the network. However, I think Sennheiser’s Momentum 3 True Wireless sounds good enough to please the most specific listeners.

Momentum 3 never sounds boring, but it aims to balance accuracy. It also supports AptX Adaptive for higher bitrates on Android. If you have a dad who appreciates record collections and stereo setups, these wireless earphones ensure a listening experience that keeps the artist’s intent, even if the wireless doesn’t fully meet the rigorous standards. ..

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