2022 Best Beats Headphones

Beats, along with its current parent company Apple, has evolved into an audio lifestyle brand backed by the geniuses of music industry legends Andre “Dr Dre” Young and Jimmy Iovine. Over the last few years, there have been interesting changes for electronics giants, especially when it comes to the types of Beats audio products available today.

Beats, who has been even more focused on headphones and earphones these days, stands out by offering a flashy, heavy-duty alternative to Apple’s own audio devices, while offering attractive fitness-focused products. increase. We’ve tested almost all of Beats’ modern headphones and earphones to pick out the best that the brand offers.

Best Beats Headphones

There’s a reason to call the Beats Solo3 the best on-ear headphones overall. With audio performance and battery life comparable to very expensive devices, Solo 3 looks fashionable on three different colorways.

The best Beats earphones

The perfect wireless earphone for Apple users, Beats Fit Pro is a more compact version of Powerbeats Pro with all the features of AirPods Pro, including active noise canceling and 3D audio.


The Beats Solo 3 hasn’t been properly updated since 2016, but it’s still the best on-ear headphone pick for good reason. It offers competitive audio quality, a thoughtful design that combines smoothness with useful features, and better than average battery life.

From quick pairing to initiative control of the headphone cup on the left, Beats Solo 3 is a simple and intuitive experience. When I set them up, I found that the music sounded as good as the fairly expensive headphones. Most notably, very low-pitched heavy music such as contemporary pop, EDM, and hip-hop really shows how far Beats Solo 3 can be pushed. It also does a great job in musically subtle genres such as rock and jazz by providing clarity to multi-instrumental tracks. Beats Solo 3 offers outstanding call quality thanks to beamforming microphones as well as music.

Beats Solo 3 has 40 hours of playback and boasts best-in-class battery life. Similar to the Beats app for iOS or Android, the small LEDs on the headphones are great for notifying you of available battery life. If your Beats battery runs out, there’s a quick charge feature that provides 3 hours of juice with a 5 minute charge.

With outstanding audio quality, excellent battery life, and a spinning look, it’s not surprising that Beats Solo 3 can stand on its own without being updated annually.

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Beats Fit Pro maintains the classic Beats style while packing a feature set that more closely matches Apple’s AirPods Pro. For $ 199, the audio quality battery life and comfort of these earphones makes it the best Apple earphone choice, but having Spatial Audio functionality along with active noise canceling is a classic cake icing. is.

Beats Fit Pro is perfect for gym mice looking for something a little less noticeable than Powerbeats Pro. You can choose from 4 colors. The wing tip design is comfortable and safe for hours and features IPX4 water resistance, ideal for those who sweat frequently.

Beats Fit Pro’s powerful audio quality is enhanced by the same Adaptive EQ features as AirPods Pro. This feature equalizes the music in real time to ensure you always get the right mix. To maintain battery life as well as sound quality, Adaptive EQ will work whenever ANC and transparency are turned off. I found that when turned on, the song sounds bigger and brighter. However, when I turned on ANC, I felt that external noise was suppressed as well as AirPods Pro.

Beats Fit Pro lasted for nearly 7 hours with ANC turned on. This is one of the best battery life you’ve got from your Apple earphones. In addition, high-speed charging enables playback for up to 1 hour with a 5-minute charge via USB-C. Thanks to the internal Apple H1 chip, pairing with iOS devices is seamless, but Android gives you access to most of Fit Pro’s key features (including ANC and transparency).

Beats headphones and earphones are available in a wide range of prices, from BeatsFlex for $ 69.99 to BeatsStudio3 Wireless for $ 349.95. All of them have been found to offer Beats’ distinctive aesthetic in multiple colors and provide excellent audio quality at all price points.

Beats headphones are built primarily for users of the Apple ecosystem, but are also great for Android devices. For Apple devices, Beats headphones are paired as instantly as AirPods and have the same smart features such as “Hey Siri” support for instant voice control and Find My functionality for tracking lost headphones. Some models, such as BeatsFit Pro and Beats Studio 3, support Apple’s Spatial Audio standard. However, regardless of the smartphone you choose, you can adjust audio settings, switch features such as active noise canceling, monitor battery life, and get firmware updates via the Beats app on both iOS and Android. ..

The app also supports older obsolete Beats devices such as the popular Pill + speaker, allowing you to link multiple devices for an amplified audio experience. Apple users need to know that all Beats headphones support the AirPlay feature. This allows users to share music from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with someone wearing a Beats pair.

Careful consumers will be pleased to know that all Beats audio devices come with a one-year warranty covered by Apple Care +.

For those who are on the move, PowerBeats Pro strikes the right balance between comfort and a secure fit through its unique earhooks. Sweat-resistant earphones are available in 4 colors and can be played for a total of 24 hours or 9 hours in the charging case. With high-speed fuel charging, up to 1.5 hours of regeneration is possible with a 5-minute charge. PowerBeats Pro has been deprecated by Beats Fit Pro thanks to Beats Fit Pro’s more compact design and superior feature set, but it’s worth considering for anyone who wants to enhance the security of their earhook design.

If you need affordable noise-canceling technology in a small earphone package, you can turn to BeatsStudio Buds. There is also a transparent mode for those who want to hear external audio, such as Beats Fit Pro and AirPods Pro. Studio Buds stands out in the Beats family for its ability to perform fast pairings with both Apple and Android devices. It turns out that their sound quality is strong overall. These earphones offer over 8 hours of continuous listening time and a fast fuel charging feature that allows them to get up and running quickly. If you’re curious about style, Studio Bad comes in a variety of colors including red, white, black, recently released Ocean Blue, Sunset Pink, and Moon Gray.

It’s the most affordable audio device in the Beats lineup, and there’s a lot to evaluate about Beats Flex. Available in four color options, it features magnetic earphones that lock together like a necklace, and you can even pause or play music depending on whether it’s in your ear. In addition to its unique design, Beats Flex features an estimated 12 hours of battery life, fast fuel charging, and the same fast pairing and Find My benefits as any other Apple earphone.

The Beats Studio3 Wireless, the most expensive audio device in the Beats lineup, is one of the best headphones we’ve tested in terms of sound quality. This is due to real-time audio calibration technology and noise cancellation for general music listening and call quality. Beats Studio 3 has an estimated battery life of 40 hours, which is in close agreement with our own tests. However, it wasn’t as comfortable as top rivals like Sony and Bose.


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