4 best smartwatches for men 2022

An innovative smartwatch on every budget for weekend warriors, fitness professionals and watch scholars.

In 2020, it was announced that Apple outperformed the entire Swiss watch industry with smartwatches. Brands considering this change had a fad that needed to be reconsidered.

In 2022, consumers will have a wide selection of known and lesser-known brands, all fighting for that precious real estate on your wrist. Smartwatches can be digital like smartphones or sophisticated like Rolex. The best options tested this year are:

WithingsScanWatchHorizon smartwatch

Withings ScanWatch Horizon

If you don’t want your watch to look like a small iPhone, but still want the benefits of a smartwatch, look to the latest Withings models. This smartwatch, which looks like a Rolex Submariner, is available in Jaguar Green and Velvet Blue. ScanWatch Horizon uses sophisticated analog with the brains of a smartwatch. A small display above the center allows you to view notifications, navigate a simple menu system, and track your workouts. Clock sensors can be used to perform ECG, SpO2 tracking, heart rate, sleep tracking, and exercise including swimming. What makes this smartwatch most impressive is its unprecedented 30-day battery life in this category.Unlike Rolex, this look-alike retail price is $ 699.99


Apple Watch Series7 smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 7

You can’t talk about smartwatches without acknowledging what brought the category to the masses. Their latest model continues to improve over and over, but enough for buyers to keep looking their way. The design of the Apple Watch hasn’t changed much and looks horrifying to classic watch lovers, but the software and its features continue to evolve. Buyers of Apple Watch today will see new features added over the years. Today, Apple Watch comes in two sizes, with more variations and colors than any other watch, and is compatible with more devices, integrated apps, and the welfare ecosystem. It’s a common smartwatch of choice, but it’s not. From $ 599


Fitbit sense smartwatch

FitbitSense smartwatch

Fitbit is a pioneer who has driven us to care about the number of steps we take each day and has evolved into a health-focused smartwatch. Fitbit Sense can track every move you make, but it provides insights into your overall health, taking into account your rest, dietary intake, and stressors. Yesterday’s hard training day? Please rest today. Stress management and breathing are all part of the Fitbit experience and are a great smartwatch for Apple or Android users. The 6-day battery life means you can spend a long weekend without packing the charger, and the line of customization is expanding so you can quickly own it. From $ 449.95


TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

It is inevitable that serious watchmakers will eventually pay attention to this growth trend, and TAG Heuer is here with the caliber E4. Available in 42mm and 45mm versions, this Google-powered smartwatch has the sleek look you’d expect from a brand. The smartwatch works the same as the Apple Watch, but the watch faces the traditional TAG Heuer range, which is second to none. The caliber E4 stands out when worn in the office, wedding or gym, and opens the court in every aspect. Are you worried about a new model to replace this? Please see the trade-in program offered. You may be able to easily upgrade to the latest version. From $ 2,600


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