4 Gym Headphones Great for Workouts: From Apple AirPods to Beats

Melanie MacLeod

High quality wireless gym headphones are essential for exercising. No one wants to get tangled in the wire while trying to perform a pull-up.

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“When you’re exercising, it’s very important to be in the zone,” says fitness app training specialist David Wiener. Freeletics.. “Focusing on your workout both mentally and physically will drive your workout, so good gym headphones are important.”

Wireless headphones can enhance your training

You need gym headphones that actually catch your ears while you’re moving around. In addition, you need to be comfortable. “If you feel any discomfort during your workout, you’re more likely to stop exercising and lose motivation, so it’s important that your headphones are comfortable,” says David.

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As David points out, the fit of wireless headphones is also important. “When you exercise, you move around a lot, so it’s essential to find a pair that fits your ears correctly.”

However, deciding which gym headphones to buy is not an easy decision. From over-ear gym headphones to the popular AirPods, it can be difficult to determine when gym headphones are best.

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We used an exercise expert to help you with the best gym headphone recommendations.

The best customizable gym headphones: Seinnheiser SPORT True Wireless

A perfectly fitted gym headphone is essential and you can work out without fear of the headphones popping out in the middle of a jump.

These cute black and rose gold headphones come with 3 sizes and 4 different ear fin size ear adapters to make sure they fit perfectly. I tried these with body combat (think excessive kicks and jumps). ..

It also comes with open and closed ear adapters so you can completely block the world or pay attention to your surroundings. If you set them to “recognize”, you can hear the sounds of the surrounding nature while running, but they magically block your own heartbeat and footsteps.

Battery life is 9 hours and an additional 18 hours in the charging case.

Seinnheiser SPORT True Wireless, £ 119.99 / $ 150.76, Amazon

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The Best Stylish Gym Headphones: Apple AirPods Pro

“Apple AirPods have been my go-to wireless headphones for years,” says Haydn Whiteside, head trainer at Spin Studio Boom Cycle.

“No more time spent unplugging corded headphones. Wireless AirPods are so effective and easy to use that you can join your workout instantly without hassle. Very comfortable, compact and half. It was the perfect audio companion for the marathon. I’m done-The Spice Girls never sounded so good! “

Barrecore Principal Gemma Bass-Wheeler agrees. “One of my favorite features of AirPods is the noise-cancelling element,” she says. “It really helps me to focus on my workout without being distracted by external noise. I found that I can really focus on the beats of music that help me get into the zone.”

AirPods of various sizes are also winners. “Lightweight, compact and long-lasting battery. Best of all, it fits all ear sizes. The very small ears make Apple AirPods a perfect fit,” says Gympass personal trainer Becky Bowman. increase.

Apple AirPods, £ 189 / $ 227.15, Amazon

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The best gym headphones for sound quality: Jabra Elite Active

“These gym headphones fit snugly in my ears and extend battery life (even longer when I put them back in the charging case),” says Kobox head trainer Jay Brown. “You can make and receive calls, it has a noise canceling function, and it is resistant to sweat!”

If sound quality is important, these are gym headphones. “The great thing about Jabra is that it has an app that allows you to control different listening experiences.”

Jabra Elite Active, £ 169 / $ 203 Amazon

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The Most Comfortable Gym Headphones: Beats FitPro True Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Sports Headphones

The gym headphones that David Wiener chose are these Beats wireless headphones.

“They stay in my ears, which is essential,” says David. “From daily walks to the most intense exercise, you can believe that Beats will catch your ears no matter what.”

David also appreciates the comfort of Beats wireless headphones. “The beats are very comfortable. I tend to forget that I’m wearing them.

“Beat also has an amazing balance of durability, sweat resistance and battery life.”

It also provides noise cancellation. “Puting the right kind of high-quality music in your ears and canceling offensive background noise can make a difference during your workout and allow you to focus on your workout.”

Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Sports Headphones, £ 199 / $ 239, Amazon

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