40% discount on Amazon smartwatches in Canada

Smartwatch, black and pink UMIDIGI fitness tracker smartwatch on blue background, Amazon Canada Early Prime Day Deal

Until July 7, shoppers can save up to 52% on some UMIDIGI smartwatch devices (photos via Amazon)

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While some pandemic fitness trends are at a loss (RIP online training classes), others like fitness tracking devices clearly stay here.

If you missed the tide of your first purchase but are curious about whether your smartwatch is right for you, the latest batch of Amazon Canada’s early Prime Day deals may be worth checking out. Hmm.

Until tomorrow (July 7th), shoppers can save up to 52% on some UMIDIGI smartwatches, including the brand’s best-selling Uwatch 5. Scroll down to find out why shoppers call smartwatches a “mandatory” fitness tracker.

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UMIDIGI smartwatch Uwatch5 (photo via Amazon)

UMIDIGI smartwatch Uwatch5 (photo via Amazon)

$ 60 $ 100 On amazon


UMIDIGI Uwatch 5 is a GPS-enabled waterproof fitness tracker that lets you know your heart rate, calories burned, sleep cycle and more.

The device is equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing users to receive phone, text and social media notifications and control music without reaching for the phone.

The smartwatch is an essential device for anyone who wants to keep track of their health indicators and comes with 19 sport modes such as indoor / outdoor cycling, yoga, running and swimming to measure blood oxygen levels and measure a woman’s menstrual cycle. Track.

What people are saying

UMIDIGI Uwatch 5 has collected over 2,500 reviews and has a solid average rating of 4 stars.

Amazon shoppers give the device the highest rating for accuracy, battery life, and value, and admire its wide variety of features.

According to one reviewer, smartwatches have “many great features” that “work honestly” rather than similar “dramatically expensive devices.”

They write that it is “very impressive”. “Such a cool device!”

Expensive smartwatches “do not have a single feature”[you] I can’t find it with this, “echoes another person.

UMIDIGI Uwatch 5 Woman sleeping in bed wearing a smartwatch (photo via Amazon)

UMIDIGI Uwatch 5 smartwatch (photo via Amazon)

$ 60 $ 100 On amazon

They add that the UMIDIGI Uwatch 5 has “excellent” tracking capabilities, is “comfortable enough” to wear at night, and has “great” battery life.

A third shopper says the device is a “must have” for fitness and health junkies. If you need “reliable stats and accurate GPS tracking,” he adds, it’s a “good” fitness watch and you can’t “make a fortune” with Uwatch 5. This is “amazing”.

There are countless five-star reviews, but some shoppers “don’t like” that the watch needs to “manually start a running or walking session” to track its location and other metrics. I am saying.


Called the “must-have” fitness tracker by Amazon shoppers, the UMIDIGI Uwatch5 smartwatch is highly regarded for its features, battery life and value. However, some shoppers find that they need to manually start a watch fitness session to track their statistics. This is something to keep in mind when ordering.

The UMIDIGI Uwatch 5 Smartwatch will receive a 40% discount until July 7, when it returns to its regular price of $ 100. Scroll down to buy more UMIDIGI smartwatches for sale.

UMIDIGI Smartwatch Urun (photo via Amazon)

UMIDIGI Smartwatch Urun (photo via Amazon)

$ 42 $ 57 On amazon

UMIDIGI Uwatch 2S smartwatch (photo via Amazon)

UMIDIGI Uwatch 2S smartwatch (photo via Amazon)

$ 30 $ 49 On amazon

UMIDIGI Urun S smartwatch (photo via Amazon)

UMIDIGI Urun S smartwatch (photo via Amazon)

$ 37 $ 50 On amazon

UMIDIGI Uwatch 3S smartwatch (photo via Amazon)

UMIDIGI Uwatch 3S smartwatch (photo via Amazon)

$ 32 $ 67 On amazon

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