5 cool things you can do with this foldable drone



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Nowadays you don’t have to be a pilot to fly an aircraft. Advances in personal drones have made such products more and more attractive, and with so many options, it can be difficult to find the right drone to meet your needs.

Whether you want to capture video footage of a particular area through a mounted camera, or entertain yourself or your friends with the fun of flying, there’s a lot to be gained from getting a personal drone.

With that in mind, here are five cool things you can do with a drone:

1. Collect video footage from above

Are you working on a film project for school or professional purposes? Send a camera soaring into the sky to add spectacular shots to your work. You can use this technology to perform elaborate scenes or create a wider range of the movie world.

To avoid problems that may require reshooting, you need to steer your drone and develop a strategy to accurately time things. Once the drone is back on the ground, you can edit the footage to find special moments where you can create the magic of the movie.

2. Take an aerial photograph or introduce the property

Is there a better way to get a complete picture of the property than to take a picture from above? Emphasize aspects of home and land parcels to ensure a strong selling point. This is a thoughtful and modern approach for people in the real estate market who are trying to separate marketing campaigns from the pack.

In general, drones offer a wide range of features for capturing photos, providing a valuable tool for large gatherings and major sporting events. This area of ​​professional photography continues to expand and people are willing to spend the highest amount on proper aerial photography.

3. Join a community flying club

As drones continue to grow in popularity, they are becoming social outlets for many. With the emergence of flying clubs in communities across the country, it is worth searching online to see if there are flying clubs nearby. If not, consider starting yourself as a way to make new friends with similar tastes.

Aside from the potential to expand social networks, flying clubs are a great way to learn more about using drones for a variety of purposes and get help with problems and repairs.

4. Get new appreciation for nature

Nature is around us, but from our point of view we can often take it for granted. Beyond the street levels, explore plants, animals and natural creations that help make your surroundings unique.

Even when traveling over vast bodies of water, woodlands and deserts, you’ll be amazed at the number of species busy living by us. This is a great way to show children how animals interact with nature every day.

5. Search for missing pets

Sometimes it’s nice to play a superhero. Therefore, the next time a cat or dog in your neighborhood goes missing, look from above and do a more comprehensive search.

Pets often hide themselves from fear when loosened and can be difficult to find on the ground. Using a drone for such searches quickly increases the chances of a successful result.

This may be the perfect drone for you

Having experienced some cool uses of the drone, it’s time to choose the right quadcopter for your needs. Fortunately, we are offering a foldable HD dual camera mini drone for a limited time at a great price.

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Equipped with a 4K front lens that can be adjusted 90 degrees and a downward HD lens. Moreover, controlling this drone is easy. It can be activated with the touch of a button and operated via the included controller (or from your smartphone via a downloadable app). It also comes with three batteries, each for a 15-minute flight. Therefore, if one battery is no longer charged, you can replace it with a new one.

This combination creates a comprehensive package of features and convenience and is not too complicated for young users and drone beginners. Get your Folding HD Dual Camera Mini Drone for $ 84.99 now.

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