7 best smartwatches for women to track your steps, sleep and stress levels

If you’re trying to reach your fitness and wellness goals, your smartwatch is as good as a personal coach, tracking your health stats, providing personalized training, and getting a sleep score every night if you need detailed metrics. Generate. As with all things technology, the amount of options available has exploded recently, with more models and versions being considered as candidates for the best smartwatch for women.

The conclusion is as follows. Today’s smartwatches are really smart. Most people do a great job of tracking important things like heart rate, steps, and stress levels, reading and replying to texts and emails on the go, streaming music, and GPS. Prevents you from getting lost (of course, tell me the time). .. The decision to buy a smartwatch will result in the details and design that best suits your lifestyle.

For example, if you’re a runner or you’re training competitively in a race, Coros’s Pace2 has a dial that allows you to easily rotate and navigate features instead of stopping and scrolling the touchscreen. You can prioritize lightweight options such as. menu. Or you may need an ultra-slim design that you can comfortably wear while you sleep, like the Fitbit Luxe, or an affordable smartwatch for less than $ 100 that can be customized with different bands. Don’t underestimate the fashion side here: you wear a smartwatch every day. You can change the look so you don’t get bored (there’s a reason not to wear the same shoes every day, right?).

Earlier, we put together seven of the best smartwatches for women that offer top-notch tracking, ultra-accurate health and wellness metrics, and great style. Choose the one that works best for you.

The best smartwatch for women overall

Apple Watch 7

The 7th generation of Apple watches has a larger display than previous models, has both 41mm and 45mm versions, and charges faster (100% charge in about an hour). From there, you’ve got everything you need for a smartwatch. You can send text messages, send emails, and answer phone calls. Track your heart rate and oxygen levels. Stream music and podcasts. Record your workouts (including the newly added Tai Chi and Pilates). There are also multiple bands of different materials and colors to make it easier to switch between looks.

The best running smartwatch for women

Corospace 2

For competitive running and training, you need a lightweight watch with physical buttons that you can press while you’re on the move (touch screens require you to look away from the road or slow down. ). You can also track mileage splits, paces and performance. As other metrics (such as power and cadence) that provide comprehensive snapshots. Athletes especially like Colossus Pace 2 with GPS and a simple single button and dial turn.

The best garmin watch for women

Garmin Venu2Plus

The beauty of Garmin watches is that they can track a large amount of health stats, connect to both Apple and Android phones, and be fully charged (up to 11 days). While Lily is an option for people with small wrists, Venu 2 monitors energy and stress levels, sleep scores, fitness age, and comes with pre-loaded training and adaptive training plans. You can also download 750 songs, including playlists, from Spotify and connect them to your headphones wirelessly.

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Best Android smartwatch for women

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers a wealth of health monitoring tools, including newly added body composition analysis (measuring muscle, body fat percentage, and body water content) and better sleep tracking than previous models. There are two sizes to reduce or increase the size of the wrist and multiple bands including the hybrid band shown here, the outside is fabric (for style) and the inside is rubber (for durability).

The best compact smartwatch for women

Fitbit Luxe

If you prefer a non-bulky smartwatch that you can wear in dressy situations, but still track all your necessities, the Fitbit Luxe is for you. The slim design monitors your sleep score, fitness, and activity levels, including how past workouts affect your daily sweat preparation. The band also has a chic style like a bracelet.

The best affordable smartwatch for women

Amazon Amazfit Bip U Pro

Amazon’s latest smartwatches are valuable competitors to others on the market and offer value for money. It comes with built-in Alexa voice control, GPS fitness tracking with over 60 sport modes, blood oxygen and heart rate monitors, and a waterproof design. It also connects to Android and iOS phone models to alert you to incoming calls and text messages, giving you control over your music and phone cameras.

The best luxury smartwatch for women

Apple Watch Hermès Series 7

The Hermes version of the modern classic and stylish Apple Watch 7 is the ultimate choice. It is in harmony with the charm of the old world of French fashion houses. For example, a chic double strap handcrafted from high quality leather and an elegant watch face. It has all of Apple’s latest technology features for tracking your health and lifestyle. It’s also considerably cheaper than the Hermes entry-level watch, the Heure H. Heure H starts at $ 2,775.

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