A cheap and ridiculous smartwatch is everything you need from a wearable

I’m looking forward to the release of the Pixel Watch, but I’m not entirely sure if it really suits me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to see Google working on a suitable first-party watch after it has plagued the operating system all the time, but I’ve personally given up on the entire Wear OS watch for a long time. For me, many Wear OS products have proven to be too expensive given poor performance, interface delays, and limited functionality (at least compared to phones). This gave me a different perspective, instead browsing the entry-level market for non-Wear OS, and I couldn’t be happier anymore.

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My journey from Wear OS to entry-level smartwatches has been created for a long time and happened naturally over the years.My first excitement Wear the OS The Asus ZenWatch 3 Android Wear watch disappeared as soon as it faced poor performance and low battery life. To make matters worse, most of what you can do with your watch was much easier to do with your cell phone instead. All I really remember is checking items from my wrist shopping list, but that’s the only thing I’ve actually used on a daily basis, and many other apps have processor performance. Did not cut it because it was bad. At some point I stopped using it and chose my regular dumb watch instead.

Both Qualcomm and Samsung have made significant improvements to their wear processors since then, but this bad impression remains, which many have experienced in the past and are the first bad thing for Google watch products. I’m sure it leaves an impression. Google needs to shake off all the mistakes from the past to be a truly compelling entry, but for me it may already be too few and too late. Instead, I’ve long switched to a wearable and affordable Redmi Watch 2 Lite.

The features of the Redmi Watch 2 Lite may be inferior to those offered by Wear OS watches, but especially here in Germany for just € 50, you can’t be more satisfied. was. In essence, the Watch 2 Lite is a larger fitness tracker in the shape of an Apple Watch, with features that are more in line with those offered by previous devices. It gives me a rough overview of my health stats, the current date and time, and rings my wrist for notification (when I allow it). I can’t use some of the great features of a suitable smartwatch, such as an always-on display, app installation options, easy watchface customization, and payment (at least in my European version), but 90 I % Of what you’ve been able to ask for, and some.

However, there are advantages to all these trade-offs. Redmi Watch 2 Lite’s lightweight real-time operating system (RTOS) wants animations to slow down a bit, but provides a few weeks of battery life and a responsive interface. But the interface still works. Shows the time to raise the wrist or tap the button and ring the wrist for notification. These are the two most important things about a smartwatch for me (probably now you know that) I don’t really ask for it). It’s not really special, but it has all the cleverness I need while looking more like a watch than a regular old fitness tracker.

Another interesting option I’ve been paying attention to for a while is the Withings ScanWatch lineup. Withings accessories look like a regular watch on the surface, but have a small PMOLED screen inside the watch face that acts as a basic smartwatch screen. In it, you can see fitness stats and notifications from a chat app with vibration alarms. For someone like me who isn’t sold with the right smartwatch utility, this may be the perfect premium product to explore your Wear OS watch, as it combines beautiful hardware with basic smart features. Hmm. With 30 days of battery life, water resistance and a sapphire display, I think this product will be the perfect premium replacement for my high-end Wear OS smartwatch.

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