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review – If you recently went looking for a smartwatch, I couldn’t blame you for being overwhelmed. Of course, there’s the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and the much-talked-about top-of-the-line smartwatch with the upcoming Pixel Watch from Google. And while those watches have class-leading capabilities, they also have class-leading prices. So if you look at the budget smartwatch sector, you’ll quickly see that you probably have more options than you negotiated. Let’s check one of them, the ACHOICE smartwatch.

what is that?

ACHOICE is an affordable smartwatch ($ 49.99) that at first glance makes you think it’s an Apple Watch. However, it can be used on both Apple and Android phones.

What’s inside the box?

  • ACHOICE smart watch
  • 26 inch USB magnetic charging cable

Manufacturer specifications

  • model: ID207 mini
  • Screen size: 1.5 inch
  • weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Clock size: Thickness 0.33 inches, height 1.57 inches, width 1.25 inches
  • Phone compatibility: Android 6.0 or later, iOS 9.0 or later
  • 5ATM waterproof
  • battery: 210mAh lithium ion. 5-10 days per use, 30 days on standby. 2 hours charging time.
  • bluetooth: 5.1
  • Silicone strap

Installation and setup

Getting started with the ACHOICE smartwatch was very easy. When turned on (by pressing and holding the round button on the side), the scanned QR code will be displayed and you will be taken to the app store where you will download the VeryFit app. The watch uses Bluetooth to communicate with the phone, so if you place the watch near the phone (of course, if Bluetooth is turned on), the devices will recognize and pair with each other. Once paired, there are many features and options that you can enable. This is explained in the next section.

Design and function

At first glance, ACHOICE looks like an Apple Watch. In fact, some people noticed that I was wearing ACHOICE and asked if they liked the Apple Watch. However, there are some fairly clear differences between this watch and the more expensive watches.

The ACHOICE smartwatch is certainly lighter than the Apple Watch, the silicone wrist strap is very easy to wear, and there are plenty of notches that fit the wrist of almost any size. You can easily remove the strap and place another strap. Like the Apple Watch, there’s a round button on the side of the watch that activates the screen when you press it. The buttons do nothing other than activate the screen. On Apple Watch, you can turn the button to move menus, press the button to select an option, or press and hold it to perform a specific function. However, ACHOICE has little effect other than activating the screen.

On the back of ACHOICE, there is a charging connection using a magnetic charging USB cable. It also displays a heart rate monitor that the watch must touch the skin to collect health data.


In addition to using the ACHOICE smartwatch, I asked my wife and daughter to wear it and compare it to the device. My wife wears a FitBit Charge 2 band, and my daughter wears an Apple Watch Series 3. Both are used daily with devices, so it was a good test to compare ACHOICE with more expensive devices. Here are some pictures to compare ACHOICE and Apple Watch.

When I was wearing ACHOICE, I realized that I couldn’t collect health data from my body unless I put it on my wrist. My wife and daughter found the same thing. My daughter said she didn’t have to wear an Apple Watch snugly.

All three used ACHOICE 24 hours a day, 3-4 days before it needed to be recharged. ACHOICE says it needs to be used for 5-10 days, but not so many. That said, my wife said the battery performance was comparable to the FitBit, and her daughter said she’s always using an Apple Watch, so she basically needs to recharge it every day. So I think the battery of the ACHOICE smartwatch is relatively good.

The first thing you’ll notice is that when navigating the ACHOICE screen with your finger, there is a slight delay when swiping or pressing the screen to select an option. Not as smooth as expensive devices. My daughter soon noticed it, and she often accidentally pushed what she didn’t intend to push for it.

The list of ACHOICE features is pretty impressive. The VeryFit app is great and allows you to set all your clock options without having to navigate the clock screen. We found that there are 14 exercise modes that can be set, which is sufficient to meet the needs. My daughter wanted more choices. She regularly does rockwall climbing and kickboxing at workout facilities, but she finds that she often chooses the general “fitness” mode because ACHOICE doesn’t have them. rice field. This device is also sold internationally, so if you’re standing in front of a wicket with a bat in your hand, you have the option of “cricket”. My daughter also said that ACHOICE doesn’t seem to be as accurate as her Apple Watch. She runs three miles every day, and the Apple Watch shows she’s running three miles, but ACHOICE always shows that she’s only running about 2.75 miles. And she experienced the same by counting her steps. She believes ACHOICE slightly underestimates her steps compared to the Apple Watch.

On top of that, you can set three weather locations for real-time information. You can use the Find Phone feature to find where you put your phone. You can control your music while exercising, which worked great for me. Lift your wrist to activate the screen. Of course, there is an alarm. There are 4 levels of brightness, and it could be used without problems even in bright outdoor sunlight. You can also change the watch face to suit your style. This is very easy to do from the VeryFit app. It also collects all the standard health data you can expect, such as heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, and blood oxygen. It can also measure your “stress level”, it’s pretty neat. You can also set up your ACHOICE smartwatch to get up, move and notify you to drink water. There is also a feature called “breathing training” that allows you to calm down, relax and slow down your breathing.

There is also a “family” feature available, but I couldn’t test it because I have only one ACHOICE. If other family members also have ACHOICE, you can connect your watch to the VeryFit app to track each other’s health data. I think it’s a great way to get children engaged in healthy activities by moving with each other and trying to be healthier.

You can also choose to receive notifications from your phone calendar, incoming calls and text messages. However, you can’t answer phone calls or answer text messages like you can with more expensive smartwatches. To be honest, this was refreshing. I used to wear a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, but when I received a text message or called the watch, I felt obliged to answer. I can’t explain, but my instinct was that the watch was an extension of my phone, so I usually answered the phone and the voice answered the text message on the fly. My daughter said the same about her Apple Watch. What we both experienced at ACHOICE was that we were happy to receive a call and a notification that we received a text message, but we couldn’t physically do that, so we were under pressure to respond immediately. What I didn’t feel was fresh. It sounds strange, but there were unexpected benefits to using ACHOICE.

Finally, the function I use most often with ACHOICE is sleep monitoring. Every morning, I took my phone and looked at the VeryFit app to see how many hours I slept, how lighter I slept compared to deep sleep, and how good my sleep was. It tracks months of data so you can compare how your sleep progressed over time. My wife and I compare sleep data and motivate them to compete with each other for quality sleep.

My favorite thing

  • Very light and the band fits easily on anyone’s wrist
  • The battery is pretty good
  • Great price
  • Customizable home screen design
  • The list of features such as stress level, breathing training, weather, music control, etc. is long.
  • You can’t reply to text messages or answer calls (some people put this in the “Changes” section!)

What i want to change

  • Swiping the screen has a slight delay and you may click on something you didn’t intend
  • Exercise data was not 100% accurate
  • Fewer exercise modes from more expensive smartwatches

Final idea

If you need a full-featured smartwatch that can answer calls, answer text messages, and even when you’re not around your smartphone, the ACHOICE smartwatch isn’t for you. But for a price of $ 49.99, you’ll get a list of very impressive features that cover many foundations within your budget. If you just want to monitor your health and sleep, view calls, messages and notifications from calendar items, and manage your music while exercising, this watch is for you. And I think it’s the fact that the Apple Watch doesn’t seem to hurt at first glance, right?

price: $ 39.99
Where to buy: Amazon (Instant Clip Coupon Safe $ 5, Coupon Code Additional $ 8: 7JZJIONC Expiration 6-19-2022)
sauce: Samples for this review were provided by ACHOICE.

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