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AfterShokz Open Ear Headphones Review

Listening to music while running allows you to go faster and farther. You can also reduce the monotony of long runs and increase the height of runners. Unfortunately, running outside the treadmill with headphones or earphones on can be dangerous as it is isolated from the environment.

AfterShokz has a solution. The company’s bone conduction headphones do not cover the ears — they transmit sound to the eardrum via vibrations sent through the bones. According to the manufacturer, these workout headphones feature an “innovative open-ear design” that allows runners to continue to exist. They are lightweight, flexible, sweatproof and durable.

This sounded like the perfect set of running headphones, so I tested AfterShokz Air. This is what we found.

AfterShokz Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Test

Our testers have been using these wireless headphones for the past year. They are most interested in wearing them for long periods of time, comfort, ease of connection, and the ability to make hands-free calls without breaking. We also tested AfterShokz Air headphones with different music in different environments to measure overall performance in different situations.

What are AfterShokz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

AfterShokz headphones are open ear headphones. This means they don’t cover your ears. Instead, it sends music and other audio through the bones of the head and jaw to the eardrum, freeing the ears to take in the surrounding sounds. With a lightweight design of only 1.06 ounces, it is made of sweat-resistant rubber. These two characteristics make these innovative Bluetooth headphones ideal for athletes.

AfterShokz Bluetooth headphones come with earplugs, a USB charging cable, and a silicon travel case. You can choose from four colors: slate gray, midnight blue, canyon red, and forest green.

AfterShokz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Price and Where to Buy

AfterShokz Air wireless headphones are available for purchase on Amazon for $ 99.95.

How to use AfterShokz wireless bluetooth headphones


These headphones are very comfortable. They fit on top of your ears and are perfect enough to feel safe, but not so tight that they feel uncomfortable. Unless you’re lying on your pillow, you won’t even feel the wraparound frame. These headphones could be worn for a long time without any discomfort.


Pairing AfterShokz Bluetooth headphones was easy. All I had to do to start the process was to press and hold the “plus” button for a few seconds. Then I found that I could connect to any device. During the trial period, I connected to my MacBook, iPhone, Google Pixel 4, and Amazon OmniFire TV. There were no issues with any of the devices.

Audio quality

Bone conduction technology does not degrade the sound quality of these headphones. Both podcasts and music make the sound very clear. The bass is good, but not as noticeable as the other headphones on the market.

Phone quality

AfterShokz is superior to the other Bluetooth headsets we have used. Calls are rarely disconnected due to a Bluetooth connection. Wearing this headset is very convenient as you can respond with a tap.

Benefits of AfterShokz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

We loved the combination of high quality audio and comfort found in these headphones. The ability to listen to your environment helps keep you safe and present while you wear it. It’s easy to fit snugly and responds to the company’s claim that the battery lasts up to 6 hours.

Disadvantages of AfterShokz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

While these Bluetooth headphones provide excellent performance, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you want to block out environmental noise, you need to use the included earplugs. There is no built-in voice assistant or hands-free control. After wearing these headphones for a few hours, we noticed that the temple could be a little softer, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

Need to get AfterShokz wireless bluetooth headphones?

AfterShokz Air Wireless Headphones

AfterShokz Air wireless headphones are very unique and difficult to compare with other models. If you’re an athlete, or if you need to listen to music or podcasts and hear what’s happening in your environment, these headphones are one of the best options available. It has excellent sound quality, long-lasting comfort, sweat resistance and innovative technology. However, if you are looking for noise canceling headphones that are isolated from the environment, these headphones are not suitable.

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