Amazon’s Top 8 High Tech Transactions on July 4th You Don’t Want to Miss

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Most people wait until Prime Day or Black Friday to find the best deals on tech products they’ve been paying attention to for a while, but the weekend of July 4th is actually the sleepiest tech deal. It’s one of the holidays that come to Japan.

In fact, Amazon has some of the best-selling high-tech deals of July 4th this year, from Bose headphones and Lenovo laptops to best-selling vibrating tower fans and the new Amazon Fire smart TV. ..

If you want to get the most out of the deals you’re offering this weekend, round up the eight absolute bests you’ve found and all sales are currently active.

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1. Bose Sport True Wireless earphones, $ 149 (original $ 179)

These best-selling Bose earphones have over 17,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, and shoppers say they’re perfect for workouts and everyday use. It also has excellent weather resistance and sweat resistance, so you don’t have to panic when it gets wet.

2. WEWATCH Native 1080P 5G projector with tick coupon $ 99.09 (original $ 145.99)

Credit: Amazon

Currently, the projector is taking over. Whether you’re looking for a backyard movie night out, or an alternative to a living room TV, this 1080P 5G LED projector is your best choice. It projects a large 230-inch screen and is compatible with HDMI, TV sticks, AV and USB.

3. Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, $ 188 (original $ 217.90)

Credit: Amazon

Convertible laptops are especially great if you can’t decide whether to buy a standard laptop or a tablet. This Lenovo Chromebook offers the best of both worlds with a two-in-one feature. It also has an HD display and Chrome OS built-in.

4. Aureday 12 inch ring light with upgraded stand and phone holder, $ 29.99 (original $ 48.99)

Credit: Amazon

When working from home, it’s important to be bright enough for video hangouts. This Amazon’s Choice ring light comes with a stand and phone holder, and has several intensity and warmth settings to ensure the best look.

5. Bagotte True HEPA Air Purifier, $ 59.99, with tick coupon (original $ 109.99)

Credit: Amazon

In the summer, an air purifier is a must, especially if you have mild to severe allergies. This sleek, slim Vagot air purifier features a TrueHEPA filter, as recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Best of all, it remains very quiet while it cleans the air.

6. Pure Enrichment PureZone Medium Large Room Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, $ 79.99, Tick Coupon (Original $ 129.99)

Credit: Amazon

Looking for a customer-approved air purifier with built-in lights? PureEnrichmentPureZone Air Purifier is the perfect choice. Like the previous option, it also features a True HEPA filter to help remove bacteria, mold, pet hair, dust, smoke, pollen, germs and more.

7. Dreo CruiserPro Vibration Tower Fan with Remote, $ 69.99 (original $ 79.99)

Credit: Amazon

Tower Fan is great for cooling the space out of the way, and the Dreo Cruiser Pro Tower Fan does this perfectly. Unlike most other tower fans, it vibrates completely 90 degrees and has 12 different modes. It also has a quiet cooling function and has a remote control.

8. Amazon Fire TV 50 inch 4 Series 4K UHD Smart TV, $ 299.99 (original $ 469.99)

Credit: Amazon

Finally, for anyone looking to upgrade their current TV setup, the already best-selling Amazon Fire TV 4 series is worth a penny. It comes with everything you like about the Fire Stick built into your TV, including Alexa, as well as movie-like intense image quality.

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