Are Arctis Nova Pro Headphones Worth Investing?

Anyone who plays a competitive game knows that even the slightest edge can make a difference in the world of winning and losing. As a result, so many players are investing money to use the best mice, keyboards, controllers, and headphones when playing.However, while many are willing to invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in a game night with friends, the average person goes out and buys expensive gear. They may not have the same willingness to buy only two or only several times a week they engage in matches War zone, Grand Theft Auto OnlineAlso Mine Craft with friends. They want something that can be used not only as a gamer’s hobby, but also by listening to music on the train, in the gym, or around the house.

For these people, there’s no better option than SteelSeries’ latest product, the Arctics Nova Pro headphones. In addition to a few minor issues, we believe we can not only achieve our goal of creating headphones that make the game an even more enjoyable experience, but also create headphones that can be used anywhere.

Sound quality

As with any headphone, sound quality is ultimately a decisive factor for anyone interested in them, no matter what they plan to use. So how do Artctis Nova Pro headphones improve your listening experience? By putting the control in the user’s hand. The average headphone offers several different sound settings here and there, but most of them are pre-determined and anyone who wants to customize their listening experience should do so through some third party.

However, Arctis Nova Pro headphones come with access to the Sonar Audio Software Suite. This allows headphone users to fully customize audio settings in every detail, as well as games, music, or chat with friends.For example, if you really enjoy yourself War zone If you don’t know where the other players are, you probably know how important sound is. With Arctis Nova Pro headphones, you can adjust the audio settings so that the game emphasizes footstep audio, or perhaps shootouts. This depends on how the player customizes it.

Sonar Audio Software Suite

However, that level of audio customization goes beyond the game. The player can also adjust the microphone and chat audio.If you are used to playing team games like Overwatch Also Apex Legends If you need to hear the callout, it’s a good idea to adjust it so that chat audio takes precedence over game audio. In some cases, you can also adjust the pronunciation of others. For example, do your friends always play with loud fans or use mechanical keyboards? Sonar Audio Software Suite allows you to add background noise canceling to your audio.

This offers a level of customization rarely seen across headphone providers, which is their greatest strength. Other headphones can provide more comfort and portability, but there is no audio customization option for Arctis Nova Pro.


However, we feel it is important to talk about the comfort of headphones. After all, these big selling points are how to carry it on the go or use it around the house, and if someone is willing to do it, comfort plays a big role. After using it myself for the past few weeks, it’s more comfortable than the average headphone, but in the end you get tired of getting on your head.

The best part of Arctis Nova Pro continues to be customization options. All pairs have an adjustable strap inside that allows the user to choose how loose or tight they are on their head. This strap prevents the headphones from becoming too small or squeezing your head after wearing them on a shift of 8 hours. It is also naturally designed so that it does not put pressure on the temple points on the wearer’s head. Not only does this help those who feel pressure headaches by having something in their head all day long, but it also prevents them from having to be removed frequently to rest their head.

However, if you wear it for too long, your ears may become a little irritated and you may have a headache. At the marathon session, it’s a lot better than any headphones I’ve ever owned, but I didn’t feel like forgetting to wear them.


Finally, let’s explain why these are some of the most versatile headphones ever manufactured. The best part of these headphones other than audio is how to switch devices seamlessly. Each pair of headphones comes with a receiver that is used to connect the headphones to the device. Now I’m sitting next to my PC and connecting via USB. Thanks to that, you can adjust all the audio on your PC using a common sound mixer or sonar. But what’s really cool about these is that the PlayStation 5 can also be docked to it and turned on so that you can seamlessly switch to that audio without having to connect to a new audio port.

Arctis NovaPro receiver

This ability to switch devices is incredible for us who own multiple consoles or devices and want to use the same pair of headphones for all of them. Thanks to this seamless and versatile switching, in theory, someone could wear headphones all day long. Leave home, go to work listening to music over Bluetooth on your mobile phone, go to your desk at work, switch to computer audio, quit your job and head to the gym, return to your phone and switch to your PlayStation. Or when you get home, Xbox. You never have to remove the headphones in any of these scenarios.

If you’re worried about wearing headphones with a microphone and looking silly in public, don’t do that. All headphones come with a retractable microphone that fits seamlessly, so it looks like there’s no microphone at all. Style-conscious people among us don’t have to worry about the weird mic dongle hanging from the side of our head when exercising in the gym. Its microphone can of course be used for games, meetings, or online game nights with friends.

For gamers, the value of these headphones lies in the different ways in which you can customize and balance your audio. It’s hard to emphasize how great it was to be able to change settings based on the game. They sound great, feel great, and are easily at the same level without surpassing some of the most popular gaming headphones out there.

For the average hobbyist, these headphones are unrivaled due to their versatility and comfort options. Not only is it a great gaming headphone, it’s also perfect for everyday use that you won’t find on average headphones. If you can afford a $ 350 price tag, it’s worth it.


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