Benefits of indoor tactical drones

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In this Q & A, Detective Guy Kirtley, an officer at the Kansas City Police Department in Missouri, discusses the benefits of indoor tactical drones and the experience of using LEMURS from BRINC Brones.

What are the benefits of an indoor tactical drone?

LEMUR S tactical drones can be used indoors to increase situational awareness and facilitate suspect negotiations.

LEMUR S tactical drones can be used indoors to increase situational awareness and facilitate suspect negotiations. (BRINC drone)

You can provide live intelligence from the Tactical Response Team (TRT) on the layout of the structure you are searching for without endangering officers or people within the structure. You can discuss obstacles, barriers, or dangerous areas and plan before you enter.

Why did you change from your previous provider?

Earlier provider drones work well in outdoor environments, but do not retain the ability to complete indoor missions.


Our department has been using drones for the last few years. Until recently, they were only used for monitoring, or the ability to collect information from above. We have been experimenting with indoor tactical drone programs in an attempt to use some of the assets already in stock. However, they turned out to be inadequate.

Our drones at the time were equipped with obstacle avoidance and GPS-assisted stability, but these two factors make it very difficult to maneuver the interior of a structure through doorways, windows, and furniture. It Is difficult. Drones are basically stuck in the air and can’t move forward. When I found the LEMUR S, this product did not face these challenges for efficient indoor flight.

What is the percentage or frequency of missions deploying lemuriformes?

I think it’s about 50%. The Tactical Response Team (TRT) and its commanders understand the benefits of how LEMUR S can help, so the number is increasing as we deploy. Recently, in discussions after a successful deployment, the TRT commander said he was very pleased with the performance and suggested that it would be advantageous to have the two LEMURSs available during operation. did.

How does Lemur add value to escalation and situational awareness priorities?

Situational awareness so far is of utmost value and is itself helpful in deescalating.

TRT officers can see the strengths and weaknesses of entering and leveraging that information, along with negotiators in reasoning with the subject.

How can I find out if this is the right tool to use in a particular situation?

All situations are different and dynamic. LEMURS was deployed to the structure while the suspect was still trying to locate it. Deployed after the subject vacated the structure, while TRT personnel were considered dangerous to enter.

In my personal opinion, one of the best uses is to use LEMUR S to enter a structure in front of a TRT officer, scout inside, post to an uncleared staircase, or enter. Use to enter a person while a TRT officer clears a pre-reconnaissance area. The LEMUR S then goes upstairs, scouting the area again and providing TRT officers with floor plans and structural information. This breakthrough maneuver then continues throughout the structure.

How was your customer success support at BRINC?

It has great features, is easy to contact, can respond quickly, and helps fix or fix problems. They have proven to work with our department on connectivity issues with our video streaming system and are pleased to hear our successes and failures that have helped improve LEMURS.

Would you recommend this to your colleagues and friends?

At all. I myself and my indoor tactical drone pilot partner talked to several peripheral agencies about LEMUR S, provided demonstrations and recommended the use of LEMURS.

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