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Even if you’ve never owned a set of Beats headphones, you may still know what they sound like. The characteristic bass and facial tones of the original “Beats By Dre” wired and studio wireless headphones have been the industry standard since 2008. At that time, the most expensive “cans” were aimed at a crowd of audiophiles. People who want to listen to music just like a recording booth. Beats changed that and inspired the imagination of anyone looking for a more dynamic sound, from party DJs to the hardcore inhabitants of the CrossFit box.

Today, Beats is not a single headphone. It’s the entire line of audio products. The company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, but you don’t need Apple products to enjoy Beats headphones or IEMs (in-ear monitors, known to most people as earphones).)... Everything shown here is compatible with Android. We’ve explored various Beats products to match the demands of a particular lifestyle or activity.

Expert Jack Bart, an audiophile with over 33 years of listening experience Uses high-end headphones and stereo equipmentHas been obsessed with personal audio since it first connected the Sennheiser 480 set to a 20-bit Denon CD player in 1989.

Things to consider

Headphones or buds?

The days of walking in the first-class cabins of commercial aviation and seeing 12 traditional Beats headphones are over. Thanks to Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, more and more people are choosing in-ear monitors or earphones over traditional headphone sets. And why? It’s not bulky inside the bag or above your head, it’s highly airtight against external noise, and it doesn’t advertise to the world that you’re wearing headphones.

All of the above are true, but that doesn’t mean you have to automatically ignore the traditional set of wired or wireless headphones. As a starting point, there is no pressure on the ear canal when wearing headphones, and you may experience ear fatigue and pain that many people are familiar with after a long run or training with earphones. There is none. Sound quality is always better with traditional headphones because in many ways it is directly related to the amount of air the speaker can move and the power available to the speaker. Headphones are better than earphones in both areas. Last but not least, you’ll never lose half a set of full-size headphones in a storm drain or spend 20 minutes looking for them in your backpack.

Wired or wireless?

Wired headphones will always sound better if everything else is equal. However, on modern smartphones, wired connections are no longer an option. Today, high-end iPhones or Android smartphones don’t have a headphone jack, forcing them to go wireless. This is a favorite of many because of its high degree of freedom.

Traditional wired headphones usually connect to your smartphone or music player via a 1/8 inch sized stereo plug. (Large ¼ inch sizes are found in audio fan systems.) Wireless headphones connect to mobile phones or players via Bluetooth. Both Apple and Android phones have a Bluetooth connection, but because Beats is Apple’s company, some products have additional features that work over Bluetooth on the iPhone.

Thankfully, the sound quality of wireless options has improved over the last decade, but audiophiles listen to lossless compressed classical music on a set of wired focal-elea via a dedicated tube headphone amplifier, but still the best. Wireless options that don’t want anything to do with anything.

Evaluation method

I evaluated these Beats products according to their designed mission. I started by listening to the original set of Beats over-the-ear headphones before moving on to the company’s current product. In other words, I didn’t expect the miracle of sound quality from the earphones, but I considered how much it would be heard during physical activity. For each product, we considered the design, listening time (battery life), price, and whether the headphones offer fast charging (or what Beats calls Fast Fuel).

Best sound quality

Beats Studio3

  • Sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • A combination of ear-hook insulation and pure adaptive noise canceling (ANC)
  • size
  • weight
  • Not suitable for strenuous exercise

Main Specifications

  • Listening time: 22 hours; 40 hours with noise cancellation off
  • High speed fuel: 3 hours of playback is possible with a 10-minute charge
  • Noise canceling: yes

Over-the-ear headphones are a must to enjoy your favorite music in the highest quality. They block external noise and provide ample space for large, high-fidelity audio drivers to play music as intended. Beats is no longer a traditional wired headphone manufacturing business within Studio, Studio 3 continues to offer wireless over-the-ear options. These are equipped with an Apple W1 chip for the highest Bluetooth music quality, which can be folded and easily stored. It also comes with a RemoteTalk cable that converts Studio 3 to traditional wired headphones with a built-in microphone, perfect for joining a Zoom call with sudden notifications. (Batteries need to be charged.) If you have plenty of carry-on baggage, these are the most relaxing options for long-haul flights.

Great for iPhone users

Beats Fit Pro

  • Apple’s special features
  • Adjustable fit
  • price
  • Special features of the H1 headphone chip do not work on Android devices

Main Specifications

  • Listening time: 6 hours; up to 24 hours in the charging case
  • High speed fuel: 1 hour of playback is possible with 5 minutes of charging
  • Noise canceling: yes

The rewards for Apple’s acquisition of Beats can be found on Beats Fit Pro. It has three unique features that only work with Apple products. Audio sharing for multiple listeners on a single phone, Siri integration via the Apple H1 headphone chip, and dynamic audio. Tracking that monitors the position of the listener’s head and adjusts to provide the feeling of being in a larger listening arena. Think of these as fairly traditional alternatives to AirPods (or Samsung buds) with heavy tones of “beat” bass. The Fit Pro’s “fit” can be adjusted to fit your ears through a bendable “wing,” so if you’re having trouble keeping other earphones on while exercising or commuting, Look at these.

Great for fitness freaks

Beats Powerbeats Pro

  • Apple product integration
  • Ease of use for individual ears
  • Tight-fitting ear hooks for strenuous exercise
  • Not exactly the same sound quality as the more upscale Beats Fit Pro

Main Specifications

  • Listening time: 9 hours; 24 hours or more in the charging case
  • High speed fuel: 1.5 hours of playback is possible with a 5-minute charge
  • Noise canceling: yes

If you are primarily interested in using earphones for exercise, you should start and end your search here. PowerbeatsPro has some useful features for the CrossFit crowd and beyond. Unlike most competitors and Beats-specific products, Powerbeats have adjustable over-the-ear hooks that keep your earphones in place no matter what. It also has sweat resistance.

That’s not all. Both earphones can be used individually. This is a real lifesaver for people jogging and exercising in traffic conditions and cities. Each earphone has its own volume control. The H1 headphone chip also enables audio sharing and “Hey, Siri” for users of Apple products. Do you live an active life? Please bring these.

Wired choice

Beats EP

  • No batteries
  • No complexity
  • Can be used for internet meetings and calls
  • No active features
  • Does not work on the latest smartphones
  • No foldable storage

Main Specifications

  • Listening time: Battery free for unlimited playback
  • High speed fuel: Not applicable
  • Noise canceling: No

Want a “beat sound” without wireless capabilities? EP is your only choice. This is an “on-ear” headphone. In other words, the ear is not surrounded by an insulating layer, making it easier to hear the surroundings. (Remember that it is possible for others to hear what you are listening to.)

With no battery or active circuitry, the EP doesn’t have noise canceling, Siri integration, or audio sharing for other Beats products, but it won’t run out of charge. These are the perfect headphones for use on your laptop or dedicated audio device. The built-in microphone is also ideal for zoom calls and internet phone calls. Last but not least, these are some of the most affordable beats you can buy.

The best earphone value

Beats Studio Buds

  • Lower cost than professionals
  • Easier operation
  • Compatible with Android
  • No Apple-specific features other than Siri
  • Fewer adjustment options

Main Specifications

  • Listening time: 8 hours; up to 24 hours in the charging case
  • High speed fuel: Not applicable
  • Noise canceling: yes

Studio Buds is designed to work well on both Apple products (no app required, of course) and Android (using the Beats app). On-ear controls allow you to change the volume and end the call without having to take the phone out of your pocket. So what’s the difference between these and professional buds? There is no Apple H1 chip here. This means that you’ve missed certain features such as spatial tracking (adjusting the sound when turning your head), but “Hey, Siri” is still supported. Battery life is not very robust. Also, these buds fit like Galaxy Buds and AirPods. There are no special adjustment “wings”. The plus side is light and compact, and comes in three colors.

Affordable best choice

Beats Flex

  • price
  • Snap shut off
  • W1 chip function
  • Sound quality does not match high-end studio or professional buds
  • Not everyone likes connection cords

Main Specifications

  • Listening time: 12 hours
  • High speed fuel: Not applicable
  • Noise canceling: No

The Beats Flex is the most affordable entry in the Beats universe, but it’s not the only one. They are optimized for all-day wear with connecting cables and an automatic shut-off feature. Simply pull the bud from your ear and it will magnetically snap to your chest, turning off the music from where you left off until you’re ready to resume. Flex earphones also feature a fourth ultra-compact eartip, making them the only Beats buds to consider for some. The Apple W1 headphone chip enables audio sharing and the Find My Headphones feature. “Hey Siri” isn’t supported, but a quick push on the left bud will launch the Apple Assistant with detailed instructions. We highly recommend these as hassle-free everyday earphones. And the price is correct.

The best hassle-free training bud


  • Does not slip off during training
  • Long play time
  • Connected earphones are not what everyone likes
  • Cannot be charged from the case

Main Specifications

  • Listening time: 15 hours
  • High speed fuel: 1 hour of playback is possible with 5 minutes of charging
  • Noise canceling: No

Like the Beats Flex, Powerbeats uses a connecting cable to charge the charging case via the Lightning cable instead of providing a separate bud. A single charge can take up to 15 hours, and a 5 minute quick charge can take up to an hour. Adjustable ear hooks allow you to secure them during your workout. With twin microphones, Powerbeats are suitable for Zoom calls and phone conversations. Press the left earphone to activate Siri on your Apple device. Apple’s H1 chip guarantees the highest quality Bluetooth connectivity for the best possible sound, but audiophile Beats fans will want to see Probuds or over-the-ear headphones. If connection cords are available, these are good alternatives to the much more expensive Powerbeats Pro.

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