Best heart rate monitor clock 2022

If every smartwatch has one feature you need, it’s a heart rate monitor. Basic heart rate monitoring is fun for everyone, even without additional sensors like ECG and EDA sensors. By tracking your heart rate daily, you can know when you need to slow things down and when you need to talk to your doctor. For those looking for the best heart rate monitor watch, we’ve put together your favorite picks.

Track your heart rate with these watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

(Image credit: Android Central)

Overall best heart rate monitor watch

Reasons to buy


Reasonable price


Only smartwatches with WearOS 3


Samsung provides regular updates


Lots of health tracking features

Reasons to avoid


Not all health tracking features are available on all smartphones


Blood pressure monitoring is not available in all regions

If you want the best Android smartwatch, Galaxy Watch 4 has been at the top of the list since it was announced and released in 2021. It’s currently the only smartwatch that combines Google’s best software with Samsung’s top-notch hardware. Also, this is the only option if you need WearOS 3 as other Android smartwatches are still waiting to receive updates.

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