Best Premium Wired Headphones 2022: Best Listening Experience

Nothing is actually made of pure gold here, but the sound you enjoy from any of these headphones could be similar. This is the sound of rich dark chocolate poured into the ear at exactly 30 ° C, the equivalent of a sensual massage in the acoustic processing center of the brain, and the person who heard the hidden forbidden sound. It’s an uplifting feeling that only knows. Only those who have the best headphones can access it. Choose wisely.

The best wired headphone guide ever

Sennheiser IE900

There is only one reason to choose wired in-ear headphones over wireless alternatives, and that’s sound quality. Oh, you can certainly buy a true wireless in-ear pair that sounds very good (and we’ve already recommended some). But for the best signal stability and coherence, wireless can never be comparable to wired.

So the Sennheiser IE 900 is for those who take mobile listening seriously and those who are paying for a good digital audio player because the headphone socket has fallen from a pretty big fashion when it comes to smartphones. .. These buds seem to be for listeners who are as passionate about sound quality as Sennheiser itself.

So while you can’t buy that much for £ 1099, what you buy for £ 1099 is well designed and perfectly built. The earphones themselves are machined from one aluminum billet and milled on five axes. The result is a small in-ear monitor that looks like jewelry.

Still, Sennheiser somehow found room for a triple-chamber absorption system and an internal acoustic vortex, in addition to a 7mm wideband transducer. As far as the transducers are concerned, Sennheiser believes it has nailed the lowest unit-to-unit variability ever achieved with such a miniature dynamic driver.

There’s definitely plenty of evidence to support Sennheiser’s fanaticism, but in reality, you just have to listen to the IE900 to understand how rewarding your efforts have been. In every aspect of music playback, low frequency punch and control, transient response, dynamic headroom, rhythmic positivity, they absolutely knock it out of the park.

In short, they are source loyal and much more musical than you can expect even with the most expensive true wireless alternatives.

Audeze LCD-3

These stunning luxury headphones use the latest version of Audeze’s planar magnetic technology. It employs two sets of magnets with a thin diaphragm sandwiched between them like a wafer. The result is a powerful, detailed sound that allows the driver to duplicate the song as the artist intended, without deterioration over time. Ideal for use with a headphone amplifier.

Rosson RAD-0

Many of the words that appeal to audiophiles are here: open back, planar magnetism, rare earth magnets. As a reminder, many of the words that appeal to the rest of us also apply here: insights, details, dynamic potency, fun. So no matter which camp you fall into, these Rossons must please you. As long as your head is big enough for their size, that’s right.

Focal utopia

At a glance at the price and brand name, you can experience anxiety and excitement all at once. And yes, Utopia is a recklessly expensive headphone – but they are also one of the best available at any price. When it comes to delivering music with complete and complete conviction, there is nothing better than them. They are a tremendously achieved listening.

Shure KSE1200

Not all pairs of in-ear monitors come with their own amplifier. But again, not all pairs of in-ear monitors are electrostatically designed, and not all pairs are sold at the thick ends of the two grounds.If you’re interested in listening to all the scraps of a recording, the KSE1200s can be configured a bit, no matter how deep it is buried.
A bargain.

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