BP Doctor PRO Review – 2-in-1 Smartwatch & Blood Pressure Monitor

BP Doctor PRO specifications

The basic specifications described in the user manual are as follows.
Air cuffs are attached to a wristband that expands and contracts for blood pressure measurement, a heart rate monitor (HRM) sensor, and four pads for charging with the included dock.

MCU – MediaTek microcontroller @ 208 MHz, probably MT2523D Cortex-M4 microcontroller

Memory – “256M” This probably means a 256Mbit flash
Display – 1.41 inch AMOLED touch screen display with a resolution of 360 x 320
Connectivity – Bluetooth LE 4.2
Sensors – PPG heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and pressure sensor
Battery – 170mAh lithium battery
Dimensions – 54 x 35 x 12.9 mm (medical grade stainless steel enclosure)
Weight – 80 grams

User interface
Set your phone aside for a moment to see the user interface of the watch itself.

Key features of the watch by swiping left or right to access fitness data (estimated distance and calories burned, and steps), up-to-date blood pressure measurements, heart rate data, and Sp02 percentages (also known as oxygen saturation). Can be accessed quickly.

BP is clearly a blood pressure monitor feature, using the standard mode to keep a history of measurements in sync with the mobile app and the guest mode if you want to measure from a friend or family number. With your own data. More on blood pressure function in the separate sections below.

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SpO2 or oxygen saturation is said to be normal at 95-100 percent. This data can be used to detect sleep apnea. You may also remember that the levels of some COVID-19 patients were low. The measurement is very easy. Just enter the menu and wait a few seconds. I was not infected with COVID-19 during the review, so when I measured SpO2 in a healthy state, it was always 98%. Notably, the smartwatch can detect sleep apnea. If this option is enabled, the clock will vibrate.

The heart rate monitoring feature works as expected. I enabled Auto MEAS so I didn’t have to manually trigger it during normal use. This will automatically take measurements every few minutes and sync the data in your app.

There are three options for the workout area: outdoor walking, indoor running, and outdoor running.

If you don’t wear your watch while you sleep, you’ll see “No sleep record”, but if you do, you’ll see your sleep time, sleep quality score, and light and depth splits. period.

HRV (heart rate variability) is measured at night, so if you don’t wear your watch while you sleep, you’ll see a black graph (upper left), but if you do, you’ll see a red dot data plot. (Directly above). It doesn’t tell us, but the details are provided in the app. HRV measurements help identify abnormalities, and lower HRV is associated with an increased risk of death and arrhythmia.

Two alerts are available: Apnea alerts and move them. The former is triggered when suffering from sleep apnea, and the latter is triggered when sitting in a chair for extended periods of time. As with alarms, the clock vibrates to give a visual reason for the alert.

The watch supports five languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish. This subset of languages ​​can also affect the ability to read messages from smartphones (SMS, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Whatsapp, etc.) in unsupported languages. For example, the clock cannot display messages written in Thai.

The unit feature allows you to choose whether to display distances in kilometers, miles, or temperatures in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Resetting will delete all data and restore the watch to factory settings.

Blood pressure monitoring with BP Doctor PRO smartwatch
Let’s take a closer look at the blood pressure monitoring function. But before Don, I made measurements with a Koogeek BP2 blood pressure monitor using a traditional inflatable arm cuff. SYS / DIA was 104/55 and heart rate was 61bpm.

There are two ways to start the measurement, using the menu shown above or pressing the home button for 2 seconds. In this case, the measurement will start automatically.

As the SYS number goes up, the air cuff feels tighter around the wrist and slowly swells. It takes about 30 seconds to complete the measurement. The SYS / DIA number is displayed in mmHg and heart. rate. Obtained 110 / 68mmHg and 65bpm. This is not far from the 104 / 55mmHg and 61bpm numbers obtained with BP2, in the sense that both results are still in the safe zone.

BP DoctorPlus Android app
It is possible to use the clock without the app, but after initial setup you can get most of the analysis and health history from the BP Doctor app.

The main page displays all the information for the day, including blood pressure, SpO2, HRV, weight, training data, steps, calories burned, and sleep monitoring.

BP Doctor PRO battery life
Smartwatches will not last as long as other smartwatches based on e-paper displays. It also has features such as continuous HRM and blood pressure monitoring. In my case, I used a watch with maximum brightness, 20 second timeout, raise to wake, and automatic HRM to measure my blood pressure once a day. After charging the watch, it usually takes 10% to over an hour, but it has been usable for 2.5 days. This actually means three days from Monday morning to Wednesday night.

I’m totally happy with this watch. It is especially useful for those who need to regularly monitor their health vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation without having to carry around a large device.

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