Britain’s largest drone light show illuminates the sky with 600 drones

Hollywood came to Worcestershire last night. 600 drones (UK’s largest drone light show) shot images into the night sky from Star Trek, Pow Patrol and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Created by the team behind the drone show at Buckingham Palace’s Platinum Party and above the Hollywood village near Birmingham, we saw the colorful scenes and characters of Mission: Impossible, Scream and Hello.

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Flying at an altitude of 600 feet above the ground, this nine-minute show celebrates the launch of a new streaming service, Paramount +, by purchasing the charm of Hollywood in Los Angeles at the same-named location in the West Midlands, more than 5,000 miles away. did.

The sensational show by drone light show company SKYMAGIC began with a thrilling fashion with the famous mission: Impossible Countdown Clock.

The drone drew a black sky with an eerie giant image of the famous scream movie Ghostface, followed by a stunning replica of the Yellowstone Ranch house and an intergalactic visit from Star Trek’s USS Enterprise.

Next was a trip to the bikini bottom where SpongeBob SquarePants himself swallowed the night. This was followed by Chase, the main dog character of PAW Patrol.

Along with South Park’s famous Kenny, Hello’s Hero Master Chief was slamming into a dramatic display.

The penultimate scene of the show included the famous Paramount Mountain and logo, as well as a QR code that viewers could scan to get a 7-day free trial of the streaming service.

The sky is the largest canvas

Astonishing the world with a 400-drone performance featuring a giant corgi, tea and teapot, and the Queen’s handbag above Buckingham Palace, Skymagic plans a carefully choreographed performance with just four crew members. Spent months.

Mungo Denison, co-founder and director of SKYMAGIC, said:

“No character was easy to create. Star Trek was challenging because it required a lot of dynamic movement to create the sensation of a symbolic spaceship in hyperspace. It was huge. Image-it’s close to 200 meters wide.

“There are obviously a lot of enthusiastic fans in Star Trek, so it’s just as important to understand it correctly and create something to interact with someone you’ve never seen before, just as much as someone who loves it very much. is.

“The sky is our biggest canvas, and the show, which took place in parallel with the music, began with the famous logo of Paramount, the widest on a 200-meter-wide, 120-meter-high display. All are symbolic images.

“Paramount is a great client. It’s a fun and iconic creative. People are so familiar with these great characters that half of the work is done from the perspective of getting the attention of the audience.

“It’s a privilege to do something like SpongeBob SquarePants and put it 200 meters above the ground. This is the only time my kids have been impressed far away with what I’m doing.

“We want to give the character a sense of reality and hope it elicits a genuine emotional response.

“Animals such as Paw Patrol’s dog, Chase, are dynamic and can get that dynamic movement, which makes them perfect for design.

“It all starts with pencils and crayons, and a piece of paper we all draw by hand. Finally, we overlay color files. We have the ability to produce 16 million colors.

“It was great to go from Buckingham Palace and the majestic and take Hollywood to Bromsgrove. It illuminated the night there.”

Paramount Pete

The show also featured the face of a new streaming service, Paramount Pete. Paramount Pete handed out popcorn, cotton candy and balloons to the inhabitants while watching the fascinating sight.

Prior to the show, Paramount + announced an all-star promotion featuring Hollywood star galaxies such as Uma Thurman, Jack Whitehall, Naomie Harris, Christina Ricci and Miranda Cosgrove.

The two-minute short film shot in the UK follows on the first day of the internship, called Paramount Pete, trying to order hundreds of coffees at various superstars Paramount + Studios.

Currently available in the UK and Ireland, Paramount + includes an exclusive original, Paramount Pictures blockbuster movies, and a wide selection of the most iconic shows, including HALO, Star Trek: Strange New World, First Lady, and Kids. .. Favorite Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years and PAW Patrol: The Movie.

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