CHASING’s new generation industrial grade underwater drone M2 PROMAX is easy to use, delivering more features and powerful performance

“This is the third generation of industrially designed M-series drones. The release of M2PROMAX provides a more intelligent solution for underwater inspection and operation in a variety of industries, increasing efficiency and risk. I hope that will be reduced and costs will be reduced. ” Jackie Yang, Chief Marketing Officer of Chasing. “This new product opens a new chapter in the underwater ROV industry, especially search and rescue, hull and dock inspection, aquaculture and aquaculture, onshore wind farm inspection, etc.”

CHASING M2 PRO MAX is ideal for long dives up to a depth of 200 meters (656 feet). Its maximum radius of travel can reach 400 meters (1312 feet). Using different tethers of different lengths, this new ROV is suitable for different types of underwater missions and can accomplish much more in underwater work.

The M2 Pro Max is ruggedly built and can be fitted with up to 5 accessories at the same time. The payload skid construction provides the flexibility to easily install and remove accessories. Quick mount and quick release are possible for truly quick deployment. It also goes great with some third-party accessories and more than 20 types of accessories dedicated to CHASING ROV.

Equipped with imaging sonar, you can scan terrain and detect target objects beyond your visual abilities in underwater conditions with poor visibility. Equipped with a USBL underwater positioning system, ROV position coordinates can be acquired in real time and the movement trajectory can be recorded accurately. In addition, compatible DVL (Doppler Velocity Logs) Doppler rangefinders allow you to navigate and operate your ROV in the correct position, regardless of environmental interference or misalignment.

Also, the second generation robot gripper, that is Frequently installed, Have 2 Some alternative tool heads such as jaw clamps, pull rings, sediment samplers, etc.

In the environmental protection industry, CHASING M2 ProMax works with the included water quality sampler and water quality sensor. The CHASING Water Sampler can collect up to 500 ML of water samples, and the multi-parameter sonde can collect real-time data such as pH value, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity and salinity.

M2 PRO MAX is a new generation tracking robot gripper with a compatible blueprint Oculus Imaging Sonar, USBL underwater positioning kit, and alternative heads that significantly reduce rescue time for underwater rescue and rescue tasks. Can be used to determine the best rescue plan for an underwater emergency.

For many inspection operations, instead of hiring commercial divers, fish farm owners and shipping companies can reduce operational costs and safety issues during underwater inspections with M2PROMAX. Compatible with the Power System (C-SPSS), ROVs can meet the needs of long-term inspections.

CHASING has worked hard to lead underwater technology in many areas, including underwater communications, underwater vehicle design, power and propulsion systems, and navigation control. Its mission is to facilitate human underwater exploration and provide users with the best experience and innovative underwater solutions.

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About Tracking-Innovation Technology

CHASING was founded in 2016 by a group of passionate diving enthusiasts and hardware and software experts. In the first 6 years, we have developed 7 generations of underwater drones, underwater micro ROVs and mini ROV products and completed 5 rounds of financing. Become a major innovator in the underwater technology industry. To date, it has won over 50 awards at all levels around the world. Due to its powerful performance, low cost, ease of operation, and outstanding portability, it is widely applied to underwater observation, photography, inspection work, and intervention work. Every day, CHASING products are offered to various organizations in more than 80 countries. The company currently operates two manufacturing bases, one of which is based in Ganzhou. Jiangxi The state, the world’s largest manufacturing facility for underwater robots.Has several offices or subsidiaries in Beijing, ChengduKunming, Qingdao, HainanGanzhou, and Seattle, we. CHASING boasts over 130 invention patents, PCT international patents, utility model and design patents.

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