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Aquiline Drones is developing a commercial drone franchise system for total exterior property care

Hartford, Connecticut, June 20, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb /-Stanley Steamer, Terminix, Ace Hardware-Over the years, each of these franchise systems has become popular and popular. Aquiline Drones (AD) has now combined the fast-paced drone industry with the demand for external real estate care services to develop an innovative drone franchise business model. Specifically, CT-based drone makers provide emerging entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from existing real estate maintenance companies with a variety of exterior cleaning and improvement services in a safe, fast and cost-effective manner. Provides the power of drone technology.

“The franchise has contributed significantly to the economy as a whole since 1731 and has proven to be an advantageous tool for those seeking both freedom of work and financial stability.” Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones. “There are thousands of franchises in hundreds of industries, but the drone sector doesn’t have a franchise like us, so it’s a great time for anyone who wants to grow their business from the ground floor.”

The franchise provides ownership independence for small businesses, backed by the benefits of an extensive business network.In fact, according to Dr. Franchise’s website, there are more than 792,000 franchise companies. united states of america Projected $ 826.6 billion According to a recent survey by franchise business reviews, the average annual salary of franchise owners is around $ 80,000However, this number depends on the motivation of the owner and the particular business industry.

“Obviously, the sky is the limit, and given the rapidly evolving and profitable drone services market, drone franchises allow new franchises to literally dominate the entire region in a very short period of time,” Alexander said. Adds. “In fact, we’ve already received a lot of interest since we launched this unique and creative franchise model. Customers have already purchased our equipment.”

Other benefits of the AD drone franchise include high profit potential, direct training, secure financing, reduced investment costs, piggybacking on established corporate brands, and proven management and work practices. , Ongoing support and more. All of these produce higher rates. More successful than other start-ups in the same industry. See details in the following YouTube video: https: //youtu.be/4jF9GvBCUys

Similarly, AD’s Drone Services franchise provides in-depth training to future franchisees through the well-established Flight to the Future (F2F) commercial drone pilot training program. Throughout the program, franchisees receive face-to-face flight training for many commercial applications, including total exterior property care.

In addition, AD’s unique Drone-On-Demand (DoD) mobile app is available for download from the Google Play Store (Apple iOS in July) and is a national customer service request and a drone service provider near the requested job. And match.

Flexible financing and insurance options are currently organized for new franchisees and established businesses through AD and its subsidiary Aquiline Drones Indemnity Corporation.

Individuals can purchase a variety of commercial American drone models through AD’s manufacturing department, depending on the size of their business and their goals.

“Drone technology that supports normal and dangerous business operations has a clear appeal,” adds Alexander. “We founded the company on the fundamental mission that drones should increase, protect and save lives. Indeed, many people in the outdoor real estate care industry call themselves every day. I’m in danger. “

Certain exterior maintenance services supported by AD’s own franchise models include:

  • Roof cleaning and rain gutter cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Roof and house inspection
  • Melting of ice and removal by steam
  • Window cleaning for both residential and commercial structures
  • Fumigate by spraying pesticides on mites, mosquitoes, beehives, etc.
  • Sowing and fertilizing lawns, farms and golf courses
  • Sterilization of stadiums, streets and other outdoor facilities

Alexander also emphasizes that certain drone use cases can result in direct cost savings for consumers. For example, solar energy is sweeping the world, and homeowners use it to save electricity, add value to their assets, and sometimes make a little money from utilities. According to Sunbadger.com, 16.4 million American homes now use solar panels as their primary source of electricity and are functioning more efficiently with regular cleaning, resulting in maximum tax credits, rebates and more. Enables federal and state incentives. “Cleaning solar panels with a drone is much safer than traditional methods and can save homeowners money by increasing efficiency by 15-25%. This is the economic inflation of today. It’s a welcome bonus, “says Alexander.

AD offers an innovative franchise system as a three-tier business opportunity.

1) Comprehensive Package-Drone Pilot Training, Business Registration as LLC, Drone and Related Hardware (Hose and Pump for Low Pressure and High Pressure Spray Cleaning), Regional Exclusive Ratio, Job Lead by AD DoD, Marketing, Branding and support services.

2) Standard Package-For those who already manage an exterior maintenance or spray cleaning company-Drone pilot training, drone hardware, equipment and pump specifications, access to AD DoD jobs or mission requests, support services.

3) F2F Alumni – Discounts apply if already certified by AD’s Flight to the Future Program http://www.flighttothefuture.com. Other items include hoses and pumps for low and high pressure sprays, regional exclusivity ratios, job leads with AD DoD, corporate marketing, branding, and support services.

Another advantage of the AD franchise model over traditional franchise companies is that all drone missions are done outdoors, so there is a reasonable upfront cost without the need for expensive fixed building leasing, single. Ownership of the owner and the need for multiple employees in advance, affordable, etc. Instead of demanding expensive market liability insurance, drone insurance provided by AD’s insurance subsidiary, for initial investment You have to pay for flexible and accessible AD credit lines and market loans.

“Whether you’re looking for a job change in a fast-growing industry or a company looking to expand your business books, the AD drone franchise is a viable source of revenue and scalability for both new entrants and experienced business owners. Represents a price structure. “

Stakeholders can apply at info@aquilinedrones.com or franchise@aquilinedrones.com.

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Aquiline Drones Corporation (AD) is a progressive drone manufacturer in the United States. Hartford, Connecticut.. It’s one of the four drone airlines in the United States, but only one is privately owned by a professional aviator. Through Aquiline Drones Indemnity Corporation, the company insures the continuity of its products and services as well as its partners and affiliates. Founded by the CEO Barry Alexander, AD’s core management consists of experienced aviators, system engineers, IT gurus, military personnel (including veterans), and business strategists. AD provides a vertically integrated blend of products and services. These include aviation clouds for commercial drones, US-based drone manufacturing, drone “maintenance-repair-overhaul” (MRO) services, unmanned aerial vehicle system (UAS) solutions for large enterprises and governments, and excellent Spartan drone products. Line, a robust UAS training academy, and the first “drone on demand” service in the country that allows customers to order drone services via their own mobile app. The full range of AD technology solutions can be widely applied to myriad industries and environments for superior real-time data processing and insights. For more information, please visit http://www.AquilineDrones.com.


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