Cyber ​​Acoustics expands EdTech line and adds headset

Vancouver, Washington, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)- Cyber ​​acousticsIs EdTech’s leading manufacturer for all classroom environments and today expanded its line of classroom-tested headsets and accessories specifically designed to meet school demand at budgeted prices. I announced that. These new products will be on display from June 27th to 30th, along with a complete line of Cyber ​​Acoustics educational technology solutions. ISTE 2022 At booth # 2626.

Built with students and teachers in mind
Cyber ​​Acoustics constantly assesses current classroom needs based on direct feedback from educators and students. This practical insight plays a major role in product development and design. That’s why Cyber ​​Acoustics headsets come with easy-care, long-lasting leather cushions, durable components that can be bent, twisted, and pulled, and nylon braided Tuff Cords. It can also be coiled, bent and chewed without sacrificing performance. Today, the company receives connectivity feedback and offers new headsets and headset accessories to meet the changing technology needs.

Steve Erickson, COO of Cyber ​​Acoustics, said: “Our products are really classroom tested and we use that feedback to inform future development while adhering to our basic principle that quality does not have to be expensive. “

“This year we introduced several Cyber ​​Acoustics headset models to elementary and junior high school classrooms. Both students and teachers said they were easy to use, comfortable and met the needs of the classroom. “” Said Jim Shoemake, director of the Rescue Union School District. “Cyber ​​Acoustics took the time to ask about the features we needed most and was clearly concerned that our products promoted the best learning environment possible. In their collaboration. We appreciate.”

Headset connection to meet all your needs
Working with the Rescue Union School District has created a clear trend in functional needs at different grade levels. K-5 students worked better with headsets that didn’t have an external volume control, but junior high school students preferred it.

The new Cyber ​​Acoustics AC-5014 Stereo Headset features USB Type-C for easy connection to today’s new computers and Chromebooks.Boasts a design tested in the same classroom as the popular one Cyber ​​Acoustics AC-5008The AC-5014 provides educators and managers with yet another way to provide students with the technology they need in today’s state-of-the-art classrooms. Other features of the AC-5014 include an inline volume and mute control, a one-way noise-cancelling microphone that can be worn to the left or right, an easy-care leatherette earpad, and a padded adjustable headband. .. The braided Tuff Cord and durable headband design can be bent, twisted and chewed to withstand the toughest students.

In addition to the new USB Type-C headset, Cyber ​​Acoustics has also released a USB dongle to provide better control and functionality. AC-104 When AC-204 headset. This new removable USB dongle allows in-line volume control and mute speakers and microphones, making Cyber ​​Acoustics another way to meet all your communication needs.

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Cyber ​​Acoustics Headset Recycling Program for Schools
With Cyber ​​Acoustics, you can not only innovate your school’s product design needs, but also easily recycle headphones and headsets you no longer need. This free program accepts all brands of wired headphones, responsibly reprocesses them, and prevents plastics and metals from being landfilled.Since then Program started in August 2021Cyber ​​Acoustics already Delivered approximately £ 800 of material for recycling..simply Register on the site And Cyber ​​Acoustics will send you a collection box. When it’s full, close it and attach the prepaid shipping label. The rest is handled by Cyber ​​Acoustics.

Learn more about Cyber ​​Acoustics’ commitment to sustainability. For more information on participating in the free headphone and headset recycling program, please visit:

About Cyber ​​Acoustics
Founded in 1996, Cyber ​​Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of reliable and affordable computer peripherals for use in schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, and homes. Its product line includes speakers, headsets, headphones, microphones, docking stations, speakerphones, and webcams. With a focus on sustainability, Cyber ​​Acoustics is the only company in the industry to offer wired headset and headphone recycling programs, and can responsibly recycle old headsets from any manufacturer. ..Learn more about Cyber ​​Acoustics’ commitment to sustainability. For more information on Cyber ​​Acoustic products, please visit: the company Twitter @Cyber ​​Acoustics, Instagram, FacebookWhen LinkedIn..

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