D-Fend counter drone technology protects legitimate operations

Drone Safety Day Special Edition: Protecting those who fly to the right

Since 2019, FAA has been hosting the annual National Drone Safety Awareness Week to harness the power of the drone community to educate all flyers.Match this yeartheme of, “”Fly to the right(Register the drone – – DroneZone; Interact with others. Gain knowledge; make a safety plan. Trust and training), most pilots follow the rules.Some outliers are often “”Ignorance, carelessness, criminals,However, it may harm the general publicAcceptance of drone technology. This article pays homage to one of several companies striving to protect all who fly. It is a counter drone technology that enables legal drone operation.

Title: D-Protect the sky

Drones bring tangible benefits to millions of people around the world. They have reshaped the way modern society works. As a result, the drone industry has skyrocketed.

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May 2022 ResearchandMarkets The report estimates the global commercial drone market size this year from $ 14.95 billion in 2021 to $ 18.92 billion. They forecast that they will grow to $ 61.95 billion by 2027.

However, as drones continue to proliferate, a few actors who do not follow the rules can set back the fast-growing drone industry. D-Fend Solutions, New leaders in counter drone technology aim to protect emerging drone-powered societies while overcoming the threat posed by fraudulent drones.

First, it detects, identifies, and identifies rogue drones in the airspace. EnforceAir Passively and continuously scan and detect the unique communication signal emitted by the drone Use key characteristics to identify a drone (a specific aircraft, not just a make or model). As drone technology evolves, the D-Fend team continues to develop new capabilities and deep knowledge of drone protocols to accumulate datasets of AI tools to prevent false positives and stay ahead of potential threats. This is different from traditional counter drone technologies such as radar, acoustic and optical solutions. These techniques often make small drones completely indistinguishable or indistinguishable from other flying objects.

Once the drone is identified, EnforceAir uses cyber means and a complex analysis of the drone and its movements to determine if the drone is allowed. When the system detects an unauthorized drone, it can locate both the drone in the air and the takeoff position near the pilot on the ground to neutralize the threat. This allows the client to manually or autonomously take full control of the drone in question with pinpoint accuracy and safely land in a predefined zone via a secure route.

This versatile surgical accuracy and accurate hijacking sets Enforce Air apart from other counter drone solutions. For example, a dynamic solution (for example, shooting down a drone) poses a great risk. Includes the consequences of serious collateral damage.. Interference-based solutions, or hybrid solutions that include jammers, can adversely affect other radio communications or affect other drones. This can cause problems with nearby friendly broadcasts. The drone operator can also regain control of the drone once the disturbance ceases. According to D-Fend■ Qualifications, including being Chief Technology Officer, Assaf Monsa, Commander of IDF20 years as a state-of-the-art intelligence unit, serial technology entrepreneur and executive “”Enforce Air is a surgical solution. It only affects a single drone that poses a risk. Even a nearby drone doesn’t feel the effect. Continuity is prioritized. Enforce Air will take your drone to a safe place. It does not cause any secondary damage by itself. And it doesn’t let the pilot regain control.

D-Fend Solutions offers a large number of system configurations and platforms tailored to multiple sectors, industries and use cases. Rapidly deployable configurations include vehicles, tactics, and stationary for ground level, high altitude, and long range requirements.

“”Our Enforce Air flagship system can be mounted on a vehicle or ship, secretly mounted as needed, or configured as a static deployment in low or high altitudes. The hardware is lightweight and compact, and can be quickly disassembled, moved, and reassembled in minutes.Monsa explained.

In addition, to scale up all of this in a coordinated way, the company■ The Multi-Sensor Command & Control System (MSC2) allows customers to remotely manage multiple different Enforce Air deployment kits from a single server at the same time. This allows organizations to protect vast lands from unauthorized drones and scale up quickly, regardless of operational requirements.

Operation in particularly sensitive environments requires surgical and innovative drone protection. For this reason, leading government agencies, including the military, federal law enforcement agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, and major international airports around the world, are deploying Enforce Air.

Last year in Slovakia, during Pope FrancisThe Slovak Ministry of Home Affairs visited the country and adopted D-Fend technology to protect the Pope, attendants and attendees from the threat of fraudulent drones at several events from September 12-15, 2021. -The Holy Mass of the Air Šaštín, the town that is the home of the National Marian Shrine, EnforceAir helped protect 60,000 worshipers, 90 bishops, and 500 priests attending the Holy Mass with the Pope. From a suspicious do-it-yourself drone. Police have decided to refuse the use of jammers, fearing that they would stop transmitting media and disrupt the security base stations surrounding the Pope.s address. Police used Enforce Air to fend off fraudulent drones. The system returned the drone to its original takeoff position far from the crowd, but the crowd was not even aware that nothing had happened. The event continued as planned without any problems.

Monsa explained, “”Continuity is one of our goals. The real-world papal protection case provides a great example of how we achieve that goal.He continued, “”Ultimately, our vision is to enable drone-powered society to thrive by providing innovative solutions that promote sky safety.

Details of D-Fend and Counter Drone Technology:

Dawn MK Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Retired) is a lawyer who combines 28 years of active military service and federal civil servants into the US Air Force. She is the CEO and Founder of P3Tech Consulting and an internationally recognized expert on unmanned spacecraft system law and policy. Zoldi has contributed to several magazines and hosts popular high-tech podcasts. She is also a part-time professor at two universities, Zoldi, undergraduate and graduate. In 2022, she won the Airwards People’s Choice Industry Impactor Award, was recognized as one of the top women to follow on LinkedIn, and was listed on the eVTOL Insights 2022 PowerBook. For more information, follow her on her social media and visit the following website: https: // www.p3techconsulting.com.

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