Delivery and logistics occupy almost a quarter of the market share

Rockville, Maryland, USA, June 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)- Global demand for drone accessories market Estimated to exceed US $ 116 billion by the end of 2032, with an impressive CAGR of 20.8% over the 2022-2032 valuation period, according to market research and competitive intelligence provider Fact.MR. ..

The military drone accessories segment promises significant growth and dynamic change in the drone accessories market. Technological advances such as low noise levels and extended battery life are paving the way for the drone market and thus for drone accessories. In addition, the continued growing demand for drones for delivery and logistics is helping the drone accessories market grow.

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The construction and mining sectors are dynamically shifting to drones due to the need to monitor progress, mitigate safety risks, and survey land area. The government’s favorable regulations on drones create ample opportunities for drone accessory manufacturers around the world.

Company-sponsored precision agriculture is the primary catalyst for the adoption of drones among farmers and farmers. The IoT in agriculture is growing. Demand for agricultural application-based drone accessories is expected to grow steadily as it becomes more efficient with technologies that enable rapid analysis of data insights. Agricultural drone accessories accounted for approximately 13.9% of total drone accessory sales in 2021. Increasing demand for precision agriculture will drive the growth of the drone accessories market over the next few years.

Why is drone accessory sales expected to skyrocket in the future?

“A surge in drone industry complementationThe need for drone accessories “

Government agencies are early customers of drones, which paves the way for drone accessories markets such as drone motors and drone batteries. The enterprise drone segment is the fastest growing segment of the entire drone industry. This segment consists of drone software, hardware, services, and accessories for industrial and commercial applications.

Agriculture, building inspection and construction are the top three segments of enterprise drones. Therefore, these segments contribute significantly to the sales of drone accessories.

However, security and law enforcement will continue to be the largest customers of drones and drone accessories for the next few years. Technological advances and government-funded R & D have the potential to create more capable commercial drone technologies that will accelerate adoption in other sectors as well.

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Major segments covered by Drone accessories Industry survey

  • Drone accessories market accessories:
    • Commercial drone
    • Consumer drone
    • Military drone
  • Drone accessories market application:
    • Agriculture and forestry
    • Shipping and logistics
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Construction and mining
    • Oil gas
    • Security and law enforcement
    • Recreational activities
    • others
  • Drone accessories market by sales channel:

Victory strategy

Companies use value-added services to tailor their products to each end user. To maintain the USP, prominent market players are innovating accessories with top-notch technology and other features such as collision safety and noise reduction.

In addition, market players are also looking at technologies such as automated drone accessories and advanced IoT-based systems that will become an important part of the drone industry.

North America is likely to be the most prominent region on the demand side, and the Asia Pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing non-defensive market throughout the evaluation period. A strong supply chain network and capital expansion in East Asia will open new opportunities for manufacturers during the forecast period.

In addition to organic growth strategies, manufacturers have several opportunities to follow inorganic growth strategies such as mergers, partnerships and collaborations to expand in East Asia for ample revenue-generating opportunities.

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Major players Drone accessories market

  • Amby
  • Arzroic
  • Autel
  • Autel robotics
  • DJI
  • Eagle Pro
  • Fat shark

Important points from Drone accessories Market research

  • The global drone accessories market is poised to expand to reach US $ 116.1 billion with a CAGR of 20.8% by 2032.
  • Based on the type of accessories, the market is dominated by military drone accessories and is projected to have a market share of 68.3% by 2032.
  • By application, delivery and logistics account for a 22.8% revenue share and could create an absolute $ 24.2 billion $ opportunity during the valuation period.
  • Demand for security and law enforcement drone accessories is projected to increase 7.1x in value during the forecast period, while construction and mining drone accessories will increase 4.9x.
  • The North American market has registered a CAGR of 19.1% over the forecast period and is expected to be valued at US $ 28.2 billion by the end of 2032.
  • In the sales channel, it is estimated that online sales of drone accessories account for about 19% of the aftermarket.

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