Dell’s new XPS 13 shows the price of being too thin

Since Steve Jobs Pulled out the first MacBook Air from a Manila envelope At the 2008 MacWorld Expo, the laptop industry has been praised for its thinnest and lightest designs. The MacBook Air was still a beluga whale, but one Windows laptop can now recognize it in much the same way. That is Dell XPS 13.

However, the new Dell XPS 13 (9315) has changed significantly from previous versions. The XPS 13 as an ultrabook dates back to 2012, but most people remember that the XPS 13 started in 2015, when the company first added an “Infinity Edge” display to reduce the bezel. Thanks to its sturdy metal shell and almost comfortable keyboard, the laptop has become an icon. Just as other laptop makers chased the MacBook Air, so did the XPS 13. So when the XPS 13 became thin and users couldn’t repair or upgrade it almost completely, I noticed. How much does Dell give up on cutting 0.03 inches from previous models?

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