Drone deliveries are set for major takeoffs as Kos uses relaxed norms

New Delhi : Starting June 10, Redcliffe Labs will begin using drones to carry medical test samples from a remote collection center in Uttarkashi to the Dehradun laboratory twice daily. According to the company, it will operate three flights a day by the end of July.

Experts said the healthcare industry would be the first large adopter of commercial drone delivery after the government liberalized the rules for operating drones last August.

According to Redcliffe, the move will allow the company to reduce test sample transit time from 6 hours to 8 hours over the road, to just 88 minutes. We are also aiming to expand our service to the hills of Himachal Pradesh, northeastern and Ladakh, and have set up a lab in Shimla to enhance coverage.

Skye Air Mobility supplies drones to Redcliffe Labs. Drone delivery startups partner with 85% of organized diagnostic centers, including SRL Diagnostics and Redcliffe, to deliver test samples and medicines using drones. What’s more, SkyAir works with e-commerce and food delivery platforms.

Ankit Kumar, CEO of SkyeAir, said: Taken on May 19, he added that shipping time for products can be reduced by up to 30% and shipping time can be reduced by 80%. Drones allow multiple flights, significantly reducing personnel and vehicle costs, “Kumaar said.

Deloitte India partner Vivek Jhunjhunwala said drone use will be widespread in India in 2022. “We see a surge in drone deliveries in 12-18 months.” The government is actively supporting use cases in the healthcare sector, such as vaccines, drug deliveries, and human organ transport. He added.

Dheeraj Jain, founder of Redcliffe, said drones are likely to be picked up on hills where road travel takes a long time. “We want to see most of the hills connected more regularly, and we’re trying to offer all these package tests at a much lower price,” he said.

Drone deliveries have been around for some time, but liberalized drone guidelines for commercial operators have facilitated large-scale adoption. Drone Rules, 2021, replaced the complex approval process required to fly a drone beyond line of sight (BVLOS). Authentication has also become easier. What’s more, the government is creating a special corridor for drone delivery.

“Under the 2022 Drone (Amendment) Regulations, commercial drone flyers do not require a” remote pilot license “to fly legally. All we need is a remote pilot certificate that can be issued by a licensed remote pilot training institution, “said Jhunjhunwala.

The state is also testing commercial drone delivery. For example, Telangana conducted a test in September and used a drone to transport medicines and vaccines within 5 minutes on a 6km flight route.

Rama Devi Lanka, director of new technology for the Telangana state government, said the drone is planning an additional six-month pilot to carry test samples and deliver medicines and vaccines to remote areas in the Kotagdem district. rice field.

That said, using drones for commercial delivery to other industries can be more difficult. EY’s partner consulting, Anurag Dua, said delivering drones in urban areas would be another ball game. For drones flying in the range of 300-500 feet, one concern is to determine who owns the airspace above our home, he added. The Center’s Digital Sky Platform, the map that drone service providers need to navigate the city, has been working for some time. Not only does this help companies see the flight corridor, but it also helps them track drones and establish their legality.

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