Drone footage reveals an impressive restoration of Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum

A new drone footage from the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester has been released, demonstrating remarkable progress in the current millions of pounds restoration project. The work being done in the field, especially the footage that provides aerial photographs of the roof of the powerhole, was captured by Boca Films and used to make short films.

The footage also shows some of the repairs being done in other parts of the museum, as well as future plans for the site. A 7-acre restoration program is underway to carry out “significant restoration” work and uncover new spaces for museum visitors to enjoy.

The plan is to remodel a Victorian building to create the iconic power hall, where the term “Northern Powerhouse” was coined, and the 1830 Station and, one of the world’s first industries and some of the world’s earliest railroad buildings. Is to create an improved gallery experience, including a warehouse. City. The work is in addition to the large-scale environmental improvements that are taking place throughout the site and the opening of new spaces for visitors such as the special exhibition gallery that hosts scientific exhibitions and experiences, including current exhibitions. Amazonia ..

Sally McDonald, director of the Museum of Science and Industry, said: We are honored to occupy some truly exceptional buildings that are in urgent need of restoration.

Powerhole roof under restoration work at the Science and Industry Museum

“We are working with specialists to pay close attention to their transformation and tackle historical issues to preserve important details, but the building is sustainable and gives visitors the best experience. Looking to the future to be able to offer. We have a large site-wide carbon decarbonization program, adopting new technology to ensure that the building is strong and uses low carbon. increase.

“The technology we use welcomes future scientists and innovators through our doors to learn how ideas shape our world, so we’re on the way. Be part of the story. In addition, we are in the district of Manchester, where we have wonderful neighbors.

“It is our ambition that visitors can easily walk between all these great attractions and improve their sense of place and their experience. We are sorry if it interferes with our work. We are confident that the end result is worth it, as visitors from the region and elsewhere can enjoy the museum and continue to be inspired by the wonders of science and industry. “

Powerhole sign in the upper yard of the Science and Industry Museum

The warehouse in 1830 was also redesignated, and the internal lumber joists were repaired and restored. The 1830 station is also repairing the roof to make it watertight.

Future plans for the 1830 Station include the development of an innovative rail and locomotive experience to tell the story of the railroad, as well as a significantly improved learning space. Research is also underway on a new gallery that focuses on Manchester as the “city of ideas” and the broad story surrounding “Cottnopolis”.

Bev Craig, leader of the Manchester City Council, adds: “We welcome the significant investment made in the restoration and improvement of the Museum of Science and Industry. What we can achieve here will bring lifelong benefits to everyone who lives and visits the city.

“This site can not only explore world-changing ideas, but also transform it into a museum that can change people’s worlds through wonder and play, stimulating curiosity, self-confidence and skills.”

In October of this year, the Manchester Science Festival, one of the UK’s most popular festivals of its kind, will be held again. Produced by the Museum of Science and Industry, the festival, held for the first time since 2018, is a series of eight-day events, exhibitions and experiences aimed at answering the question “What’s the future?” Human race? ‘.

The Museum of Science and Industry remains open to visitors, where you can watch the entire movie.

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