Drone Soccer Camp-Modest

Youth Fire AcademyLori Wallace is in West Sacramento and takes a peek at their Youth Fire Academy. See how kids can get a jump start by having a career in firefighting.

Last day … ShivvinessSadly, John has only one pair of new, unwashed underwear left to try, so it’s the Shivviness Test, the final day of our week-long TV event. When it’s gone you’ll miss it, but you’ll have this week’s video that you’ll cherish forever. Please enjoy again.

Drone Soccer Camp-ModestModesto Junior College is the first place in California to run drone football! They offer a camp where kids can build their own drones and bring them to the arena to compete! MJC’s Brian Sanders joins Cody for more details.

Meal Preparation Class-Living with KikiPreparing meals can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only is it fun and useful on your nutritional journey, it’s also cost-effective! Ashley Williams will work with nutritionist Kiki Magnason (“Living with Kiki”) to break down food preparation and teach you how to attend Kiki’s online classes!

Playcer County Fair-RosevilleLori Wallace is in Roseville at the Playser County Fair and is on a golf cart tour along the way!

Supreme Court strikes Roe v. Wade in an abortion earthquake shiftThe Supreme Court on Friday overturned the groundbreaking decision in Roe v. Wade, which established the right to abortion.

Adopted by Coach USA-Julissa’s At The Wheel!Coach USA employs bus drivers and mechanics! Julissa grabs the handle and gets a little training!

Bus recruitment eventAre you looking for a job? Julissa Ortiz has your ticket to become a bus driver! Click here for details!

Playcer County FairLori Wallace participates in the Player County Fair and takes a peek at what you can see! Check out the animals and food you can eat at the Playcer County Fair!

Live well with KikiAshley Williams is with nutritionist Kiki and she gives us tips on how to prepare a great meal! Find out how these tips can help you eat a healthy diet.

National takes your dog to work!Buddy seems to be steering the show!

Today’s dad’s jokeCheck out today’s dad’s joke and wait for it ….. it features Buddy and Bosco!

National takes your dog to work!Meet Bosco and Buddy! It’s a day to take your dog to work nationwide and they are enjoying the show here!

Today’s question-6/23As John brought us today’s question, we conclude our mini-tribute to the immortal Bevis and Butthead on TV: What is your favorite 90’s TV show?

Amazing Beavis and Butt Head Collection!Sean Beard in Silver Springs, NY has the world’s largest collection of Beavis and Butthead products! One of his precious works is part of the original album artwork created for Double Platinum to sell “Bevis and Butthead Experience” by Mike Judge himself! Sean will join our own “Smeavis and Smutt-Head” and show us his collection!

Couch yoga with “Smeavis And Smutt-Head”OK, Cody and John took us all the Beavis and Butthead in the last 30 minutes of the show, and they sat on the couch with an old episode and a new Paramount + (shameless plug) movie. I’m watching a lot. So our friend Jesse Bennett joins the boys and helps them stretch while binging!

Golden Girls KitchenPull up the chair to “Golden Girls Kitchen” from July! This custom and detailed dining experience is inspired not only by the girl’s favorite iconic Miami hangout, but also by other memorable moments from her beloved franchise. Derek Berry, the heart behind the kitchen, joins Cody and tells you as much as you can about the location before it opens!

Good Day Rewind-6/23If you think you missed an interesting moment in today’s show, you can find it here! Good day rewind!

Falkon Academy Competitive RoboticsLori Wallace is in Folsom with the kids at Falkon Academy Competitive Robotics, showing off their brain skills! Check out their robotic program as they are ready for robot competition in high school.

Trivia toastCheck out today’s trivia toast

Old Sacramento’s new neon signJulissa Ortiz is in Old Sacramento and shows us a new neon sign! check it out!

Luxury Lake Tahoe HomeLooking for a luxurious mansion with stunning views? Ashley Williams is on Lake Tahoe and will show you this gorgeous hotel and all its facilities.

Ongoing Shivviness, Day 4On John’s fourth day, he tried on new unwashed underwear at a level of “suppleness” defined as “comfort of new underwear.” Oh, did we break the sofa now? Great, great … Let’s see how today’s dark blue (apparently) pair works for John!

Sakurament SPCA Pet of the WeekHead to Sakurament SPCA and meet your pet this week! Since it’s the kitten season, SPCA’s Natalie Vergara has a herd of kittens that can be adopted.


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