Drone tech specialist Elsight says there’s no room for gambling in aerial communications

As the competition to commercialize drone delivery accelerates, Elsight believes it’s only a matter of time before the drone industry becomes more regulated in countries around the world.

The Australian precision flight team, Air Force Roulettes, is not alone in understanding the inherent risks of keeping the show in the air and the clear need for timely and accurate communication.

Important connection technology companyElsight (ASX: ELS), We believe that communications are key to drone regulation to maintain safe flight and the operation of the Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

Elsight’s in-house Halo communications device is considered an important component of secure flight and is the focus of drone companies around the world.

Some of its customersDrone Up in partnership with US shopping giant Wal-MartTo enable households in six US states to deliver supplies by remote-controlled drones by the end of 2022.

FAA Release BVLOSARC Report

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in March announced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (UAS) BVLOS Advisory Rulemaking Committee (ARC) The report is currently in public comments.

Elsight CEO Yoav said the 400-page report was highly anticipated by the drone industry and its stakeholders.

The report recommends a complete review of existing FAA regulations with brand new regulations, including over 70 recommendations.

“From discussions with experts in this area, it is estimated that it will take at least a year or two before a final decision is made, and we need to do that,” he says.

“Therefore, it is clear that the first need for regulation is time.”

Industry consultation

The second aspect of regulation, Amitai, is that the industry needs to listen to stakeholder opinions as it develops the rules it must follow.

“This is partly done in the Remote ID and BVLOS ARC reports, but at the same time, in as diverse an industry as we are, there are always people out of the equation,” he says. I did.

“In essence, the lack of rules means that everyone is trying to find their best way, and the longer the regulator waits, the more likely some companies will make the wrong choice. The sex will be higher.

“Once a final decision is made, regulators can expect to consider large companies such as Drone Up and Wing and code what they are doing as a future direction, but the final rule. There is always uncertainty until it is announced. “

Avoiding crashes – Halo is an important element of safe flight

So many drones can be floating in the air along with other aircraft, so of course you need to raise a question about how to avoid a collision.

“There are many companies working on this particular issue of how to manage drone airspace. NASA has also played a huge role in the study of this topic,” says Amitai.

“Halo is also working with Israeli mission planning companies such as High Lander and Flight Ops, the latter of which was recently launched.Working with DroneUpSimilarly, “he says.

“Accurate mission planning is essential for airspace integration and control.”

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