Dynamic Surroundings Mod 1.16.5/1.12.2/1.10.2 For Minecraft

Minecraft is built from blocks. And this sometimes makes the player feel a bit boring because everything is too square. A lot of mods have been created just to add a little more vitality to the scenery and creatures in this world’s most famous survival game. Dynamic Surroundings Mod 1.16.5/1.12.2/1.10.2 is probably the last piece missing to give you the perfect backdrop for every adventure. I am talking about the weather as well as related factors.

Main features

This Minecraft mod will directly affect both the vision and hearing of the player with a kind of explosive effects. However, you should also note that this only helps stimulates the player’s experience, not change the mechanism of action as well as the nature of the biomes and weather conditions.

  • For rainy weather, elements like texture selection, particle effects, sound, sky darkness, and volume will be adjusted to the maximum. Accompanied by the storm effect.
  • Storms will directly affect precipitation, snowfall, and dust storms in the desert.
  • The auroras will also be generated when you are in the “polar” biome. Besides, the size, shape, and color will also change according to the aurora state.
  • Elements associated with lava sparks, bubbles in seawater, and limited visibility in fog will also appear.
  • And what I particularly love is the sound of the biomes. Their sound will be suitable for time (day or night), weather conditions (rain or shine). Maybe it will be the first time you will hear the birds chirping in the woods or the whispering of waves …

The .json files will help not only the modder but also the player who can interfere with the parameters of the biome such as the size, configure the behavior of the biome …

Closing Thought

In general, Dynamic Surroundings Mod will completely change the appearance of the biomes.

How to install

Installing this Minecraft 1.16.5-1.12.2-1.10.2 Mod is not at all difficult if you follow this guide below.

  • First, make sure that you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  • Download mod for your Minecraft version (But it has not completed yet!)
  • Find out your Minecraft application folder.
  • In the Mods folder, put the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file)
  • Open Minecraft and click the mods button, you will see the mod is installed.


Download Links

Developer: OreCruncher | Source: CurseForge


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