Fender Mustang MicroHeadphone Amp Review

Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp: What is it?

Fender Mustang Micro is a headphone Guitar amp It is sold on the simple premise that you can play whatever you want, whenever you want, and no one but you can hear it.

And there’s a combination of dozen amp models and other effects to allow you to dial in the most inspirational tones. Mustang Micro is small. It fits in your pocket and has a 1/4 inch jack that can rotate perfectly 270 degrees so that it fits almost any electric guitar, or “all popular guitar models”. I have.

For many players, this is a godsend. Busy life and crowded schedules make it difficult to make time for playing the guitar. Not all amps have a headphone output and often require quiet practice, such as a young amp at home, late at night, or a crowded accommodation.

Fender Mustang Micro

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The ubiquitous aspect of Mustang Micro is also incredibly attractive. Put your guitar in a gig bag and take off and you’ll be able to play anywhere.

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