Galaxy Watch 5: Everything We Know About Samsung Smartwatches

Samsung is still a few months away from the next unpacking event, which is expected to announce a new version of the Galaxy smartwatch, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the leak as well. On the contrary, some promising rumors and juicy discoveries of Samsung software’s official code have already revealed a bit about the next Galaxy Watch 5 series smartwatch. This is all we know so far.


Samsung’s latest generation smartwatch portfolio includes two models. Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Samsung seems to be abolishing the classic brand this year, just as it retired Active Monica a generation ago. Instead, naming conventions are simpler and more mainstream.

The latest beta version of the Samsung HealthApp, first discovered by 9to5Google, removes the names of the following Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro models, but doesn’t mention the next-generation classic models. SamMobile also claims to have confirmed that there are no classic models coming out this year.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (left) and Galaxy Watch 3 (right)
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (left) and Galaxy Watch 3 (right) Andy Boxol / Digital Trends

In particular, the Galaxy Watch 5 is said to be sold in two size options, but the more expensive Pro model is limited to one. It’s unclear if the size will remain the same as the Galaxy Watch 4 pair.Regarding the color, according to the file provided by Tarekomi Evan BrassThe Galaxy Watch 5 is available in silver, pink gold and graphite colorways. On the other hand, black titanium and gray titanium are used for professionals. It’s not the most creative assortment, but it’s better than nothing.

Health function

The Galaxy Watch 5 Duo is likely to be equipped with sensors such as heart rate monitors, body composition sensors, and electrocardiograms (ECGs), and Samsung will also offer tricks such as blood pressure monitoring, awaiting regulatory approval. is. Expect SpO2 measurement and drop detection as well.

Interestingly Reddit users have noticed that the latest beta build of the Samsung Health app mentions an interesting feature called “Skin Temperature During Sleep.” This feature seems to depend on the laser system mounted on the underside of the smartwatch. This laser blinks the skin to measure temperature. The app shows that this feature is “used to more accurately predict the cycle” and suggests that it may be used to track your period.

Biometric sensor array for Galaxy Watch 3 (left) and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (right)
Galaxy Watch 3 (left) and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (right) Andy Boxol / Digital Trends

Since Samsung’s current portfolio of smartwatches doesn’t have temperature-sensing tricks, the beta app seems to be preparing for the Galaxy Watch 5 Series, which offers the features mentioned above. Interestingly, Apple is also said to be experimenting with the temperature measurement capabilities of next-generation smartwatches.

Interactive bezel

There’s no shortage of round smartwatches, but what made Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series stand out was the interactive bezel control system. It’s like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and what really made it stand out was the physically rotating bezel. The vanilla model uses capacitive control alongside the bezel.

Galaxy Watch 4 classic workout screen.
Andy Boxol / Digital Trends

Unfortunately, the rotating bezel seems to be gone soon.By a trusted leak star Ice universe, The rotating bezel will be discontinued this year. According to him, neither the standard Galaxy Watch 5 nor the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a rotating bezel system that is popular with many buyers. On the positive side, Samsung can After Huawei leads the Watch GT 3 Pro, we will switch to using premium materials such as sapphire glass and titanium metal for the casing.

Battery life

How is the battery life? Rumors so far have shown that Samsung is trying to overcome the daily battery life barrier for the next Galaxy Watch, but the amount is unknown.

Submission to the regulatory agency discovered by SamMobile proposes that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have a 572mAh battery. This is a major upgrade to the 361mAh unit on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. We hope that the next iteration of Google’s smartwatch operating system will nail the battery optimization part and allow the smartwatch to last for more than a day.

Even if the durability isn’t very impressive, the FCC filing discovered by 9to5Google shows that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is likely to have support for fast charging up to 10W. In contrast, Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic only support 5W charging. Apple Watch Series 7 can be charged up to 80% in about 45 minutes using a compatible charger of 18W or higher. This should make the Galaxy Watch 5 more competitive with Apple’s rivals in terms of charging speed. In any case, the larger the battery, the more Galaxy Watch 5 you will need.

Release date and price

So far, Samsung hasn’t officially talked about the outlook for the next-generation smartwatch launch. However, in line with the rhythm of previous releases, the Galaxy Watch 5 series may officially debut around August. Samsung may reveal them along with future foldables — Galaxy ZFold 4 and Galaxy ZFlip 4 — at the next Unpacked event.

As for the pricing part, there was no reliable leak covering that aspect. The Galaxy Watch 4 starts at $ 25o. Classic models are available for a $ 100 premium. Samsung definitely wants to maintain a competitive pricing strategy against Apple, and at least for entry-level models that don’t have the benefits of cellular connectivity, it wants to keep the Galaxy Watch 5’s asking price below $ 300. I am.

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