Geek Review: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal ANC Gaming Headphones

The gaming headphone market remains saturated with many options, but that doesn’t prevent premium audio companies from stepping into the growing landscape. Bangs & Orfsen (B & O) is the latest product to ride the waves with the portal series headphones, known for their beautiful sounding speakers and classy aesthetics, with a focus on games.

Enter B & O Beoplay Portal Gaming headphones that are PC compatible while providing support for Xbox or PlayStation consoles. This review uses the PlayStation / PC model and is actually highly recommended for non-Xbox enthusiasts.

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal

Out of the box, the device has a handsome figure, sporty clean lines, a touch-enabled metal plate on the outside of the earcup, a padded headband, and soft, comfortable ears that give your ears a sublime feel. Cut the cup. Weighing 279 grams, these headphones don’t weigh around your head and instead provide a comfortable experience. It is emphasized by the bamboo fiber material of the headband, and you can get a sufficient sense of security after long-term use.

Tap either earcup twice to play and pause audio, or mute the microphone during a call or game session. ANC (Active Noise Canceling) mode and talk-through mode can be adjusted with the slider on the left side of Bluetooth mode, and the volume can be controlled on the right side. At the bottom, there are numerous buttons and connection options, including a USB-C port, power button, and 3.5mm audio jack.

However, the Beoplay portal doesn’t just look good. The can set, when tested at its pace, provides excellent performance when sound quality is a concern, and provides outstandingly fine-tuned bass without compromising other audio elements. The mid-high range was pronounced without overwhelming, and the phrase “dynamic balance” appeared repeatedly during the review period.

Designed primarily for games at Dolby Atmos, streaming music from iPhone or Android phones has provided a very enjoyable listening experience. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that these headphones sound richer than Apple’s AirPods Max headphones and even outperform the Sony WH-100XM4.

ANC technology proved to be just as impressive, and turning on the Beoplay Portal was able to eliminate most of the ambient noise. Talk-through mode allows the outside world to hear all the surrounding sounds without producing synthetic sounds. Nothing beats AirPod Max in the latter category, but it remains unique as one of the best ANC solutions on the market.

A good wireless connection further enhances audio immersion. You can connect your headphones to two other devices at the same time and enjoy a low latency Bluetooth connection with two dongle options (USB-C and USB-A). Both are included in the box. However, like most modern headphones, the Beoplay Portal relies on B & O apps to realize that potential, so the device isn’t standalone. You may also experience minor connectivity issues. Fortunately, Bluetooth connections to various devices were quick and reliable, but there is always an option to make a wired connection. A USB-C cable and a 3.5mm cable are also provided for direct connection inside the box, but doing so consumes more headphone battery than Bluetooth, so we recommend choosing a dongle for B & O. .. If you need to carry it around, you can use the included premium cross pouch to protect the can from scratches, even if it doesn’t help much with fall protection.

Also, if you’re on the go all the time, battery life is an issue. Thankfully, the Beoplay Portal can last 19 hours with wireless, Bluetooth, and ANC enabled, 42 hours with Bluetooth and ANC activated, and 60 hours with Bluetooth only. The charging time is recorded to be about 2 hours from an empty tank to a full tank. This is a claim that can be proved from usage.

The place where the headphones shake slightly is in the microphone category. B & O’s efforts to eliminate boom mics and mic attachments as an additional accessory are commendable, but having two mics in each earcup provides quieter, less clear voice quality. Putting them in a gaming or phone situation gave me substandard microphone audio. This can be a big issue for game lovers who rely on voice chat or join conversations on Discord, Slack, and other conferencing apps. However, it doesn’t matter to those who just use the mic sparingly.

Another factor that can hinder potential buyers is price. Beoplay Portal Headphones Price S $ 799 (US $ 499), put them in the same price range as AirPodMax. However, for game viewers, this price tag is as good as a PlayStation 5 console and can discourage some parts of the community from getting them. If you need a great-sounding gaming headset, here’s the best bet.

B & O Beoplay Portal headphones are designed primarily for gamers, but are all-in-one with excellent audio, flexible multipoint connectivity, excellent noise canceling, other ANC technologies, long-lasting comfort, and outstanding battery life. It has a function. Highly recommended for both game enthusiasts and non-gamers, except for two groups, individuals who rely on solid mic performance and want it, and individuals who want additional RGB effects in their products.

Geek Review Score


Bang and Olufsen Portal Headphones are the best sounding and most expensive gaming headphones on the market today. However, casual listeners who appreciate the quality and its iconic B & O sound while being called “gaming headphones” are more than satisfied with the portal.

  • aesthetics- 8.5 / 10

  • Build quality- 9/10

  • performance – 8.5 / 10

  • worth – 7/10

  • Geek Satisfaction- 9/10

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