Good looking medical smartwatch

Withings‘New arrival ScanWatch Horizon It’s the best looking “smart” watch I’ve ever worn-and it’s quickly becoming a favorite.

It is marketed as “the most medically advanced jewelery ever released”.

Medical advances, but not at the expense of fashion. (Nine)

according to WithingsWith improved heart rate monitoring, $ 699.99 will be possible ScanWatch Horizon To warn the user about the status of AFib etc. The main form of arrhythmia.

The notification never popped up while I had the watch Withings Admitting that the technique can never replace a trip to a doctor, it is a useful tool for those who are interested in their heart health.

The watch itself can start reading an electrocardiogram or blood oxygen (SP02), but it must be opened to analyze the results. Withings Health Mate App.

Withings‘The circular, black and white display blends nicely into the design. ScanWatch It’s an analog design, but it’s relatively small.

Reading the text is slow and you can forget the email.

The screen is smaller than a 5 cent piece. (Nine)

The ScanWatch Horizon Not designed to replace your phone.

You can’t make a call from it, there is no touch function, and all its controls are locked to its right crown.

For those who have heavy lifestyle notices, this can be frustrating. I found it blissful.

Notifications are limited to calls and text messages.

It’s a neat approach to a pure analog experience that has been improved with a classic design.

Blue version ScanWatch Horizon Looks sensational on the wrist.

Its stainless steel bezel rotates (only to the left) around the surface of the sapphire glass covered with a titanium finish.

The stunningly presented box contains two band options (one of the most striking technologies I’ve opened): a rubber wrist strap for exercise and a metal with a more classic look. It is a wristband made.

ScanWatch Horizon is also displayed in green. (Included)

A small hammer and brace are also included to adjust the size of its metal strap.

To get the best medical results ScanWatch Horizon ns It should be 1 cm higher than the wrist bone.

Personally, I find the position uncomfortable and impractical when wearing a long-sleeved business shirt with cuffs.

I couldn’t loosen the metal band enough to sit comfortably on my arm, but I was able to tighten it so it wouldn’t slip over my wrist bones.

Adding and removing links was easy, but I was a little frustrated when I pretended to be a blacksmith and did my best but couldn’t nail the “perfect” fit.

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous smartwatch.

It can be submerged in water up to 100 meters deep and, even better, features a 30-day battery life!

Need to charge me Apple Watch 7 It quickly became a chore every day.Out of the box, my ScanWatch Horizon It held about 40% charge, but after using it for a week it is about 15%.

The ScanWatch Horizon should sit low to fit a business shirt. (Included)

I usually don’t wear a smartwatch on my bed that can affect battery results if sleep monitoring absorbs some charge, but in any case I was impressed.

Automatically recognize over 30 daily activities such as walking, running, swimming and cycling. I often get credit for riding a bicycle while riding a Vespa.

Watching the hour and minute hands move out of the way as you interact with the screen reinforces the feeling that the user experience is always in your head.

Withings We have designed a stunning smartwatch that has both form and function.

If you’re looking for a true hybrid who likes the idea of ​​dropping out of the notification rat race, ScanWatch Horizon look.

Withings To ScanWatch Horizon For the purposes of this review.

ScanWatch Horizon Pre-orders will be available in Australia from June 27th and will be available for $ 699.99 from July 14th.

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