Have cyclists have insurance and license plates and ban headphones

Medical staff booster

SIR – A predictable increase in Covid-19 infections has recently been seen among medical staff who were vaccinated early with Covid and then denied a fourth vaccination, consistent with forced removal of masks. Was done.

Despite continuing to wear surgical masks in all indoor environments, including public transport, I have now succumbed for the first time.

I have retired and returned to clinical practice to assist with the backlog, so I can’t continue to do so now until the period of self-quarantine is complete. Why did the government decide not to provide medical staff with the opportunity to boost immunity in the spring shortly after clinically vulnerable people received the jab?

We relied on being able to catch up in the summer, but I’m afraid it’s not possible now.

Dr. Sara a Pape
Lanchester, Co Durham

Unreported robbery

SIR-The decline in robbery may be due to the spread of CCTV (Letter, June 23), but also due to the increase in underreporting.

The only reason to notify the police is to get a criminal reference for insurance purposes. If your claim is less than your insurance overage, why bother?

We hope that the National Police Commissioner’s Council does not misunderstand the loss of public trust as an improvement in operational efficiency.

Michael Austin
Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Lack of reflection

SIR-The mirror problem turned out to be an example of what was created without proper consideration of the height of the person using the mirror (Letter, June 23).

Most of my life was 5 feet 1 inch. Wherever I stay, whether it’s a private house, a B & B, a hotel, or a cottage for rent, the problem is always the same. You can’t see it in the mirror, especially in the bathroom.

I always feel they were built by a man who is a few inches taller than ever before. Please, real estate owners, keep in mind our shortages.

Carol Cardy
Oswestry, Shropshire

Jamaican monarchy

SIR-Your report on the Federal Convention referred to Prince Charles’ hope that “Rankour” would not exist if Jamaica and other countries abandoned the monarchy.

What was he thinking? There is a grudge from all Jamaicans who value the constitutional monarchy as a breakwater for our democracy.

For selfish reasons, our Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, wants to keep this stable form of government away from us, play race cards, and say that we must have freedom. ..

We have been independent since 1962. The monarchy has brought about a coveted investment. It also benefits from a court inherited from the United Kingdom and is seeking a major decision from the Privy Council of London. Get rid of it all from us, and what’s left? Another failed republic of corrupt politicians will soon beg London and others for financial assistance.

Fortunately, Holness must hold a referendum before change occurs. Then see if the Jamaicans really want to abolish the system that has guaranteed our freedom for a very long time. We hope that Prince of Wales will give the monarchist his strong support here.

Elizabeth Warner
Kingston, Jamaica

Court disappearing

SIR – In your report on the number of unresolved criminal cases, you say that 43 percent of Magistrates’ Courts have been closed in the last 12 years.

When I sat on a local bench in 1998, there were 10 courts in Suffolk. There is only one now. Local justice has been a major strength of our judicial system for hundreds of years, as it is often helpful to know where the crime was committed and where the criminals lived.

The Magistrates’ Court does not have to be in a sophisticated building. In the past, several incidents were heard in the back room of a local tavern. Today, more equipment such as Wi-Fi is needed, but there are many buildings where courts are held and delinquency can be alleviated.

Dr. Richard Thorper
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

iPhone etiquette

SIR – The best place to “wear” your iPhone (letter, June 24th) is to put it in your briefcase or purse until you arrive at your home or office (except in an emergency). Fellow commuters, shoppers and pedestrians will appreciate it.

Graham fish

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