Headphones Review-Audeze’s Euclid brings a new closed-back model to the IEM lineup

Audeze has been on the list of popular headphone candidates for the last few years, but one of the most important problems with cans is that they don’t move well. In other words, it’s pretty big. So what about their IEM? LCDi3 is a great pair of buds. However, if you use it for travel to drown out the noise of your surroundings, it will not work because it is an open back headphone. Join Euclid, Audeze’s first closed-back, truly portable planar IEM that brings the performance of a single planar magnetic screwdriver to a set of buds.

So what’s so great about flat headphones? Simply put, there are amazing details not available from traditional cones.

If you want to know more about this subject with this great article from HowToGeek.com, you can get geeks here.

Therefore, what immediately catches the attention of most people is the high price tag of $ 1,299. This loot total will soon fall into the “I’m serious about my sound” category. As you can imagine, many audiophiles swear with flat headphones. So if you’re a casual music lover, like dark sounds or heavy bass sounds, it’s like giving your grandparents a new Ferrari key, so you don’t need this kind of firepower, so read it now. You can quit.


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