Here are 19 of the best headphones for teens because they don’t listen to us anyway

Teens like to use headphones for many reasons … they rudely ignore their parents or keep their siblings out, shouting that they are among the most common. But if you’re looking for the best headphones for your teens here, whether it’s wireless headphones, wired earphones, or wireless earphones, you’re in the right place. Headphones are a must in 2022, as your child probably has done a lot of distance learning lately. Headphones allow teenagers to shut out extra noise when studying, relaxing, or engaging in distance learning.To be honest, the whole family does No You need to hear your teen AP English class discuss Rye catcher For 3 consecutive weeks.

I understand that buying headphones for teens is a bit controversial. Well, we are selling it a little. Discussing the benefits of children’s headphones is pretty much like starting a political discussion at a family Thanksgiving dinner. It’s far above the list of topics you should never cover.

On the contrary, giving headphones to teens can be a good opportunity to teach polite behavior and responsibilities. We know For these moody monsters, it’s an almost impossible task. Hey, you signed up for it at birth, even if it wasn’t in your mind to raise a teen. #Don’tBlameUs

The best headphones for teens

When teens want new headphones, they say two things. They want you to pay for them, and they want Beats headphones. This very popular model is offered in red and stands out from the competition. When you give these headphones to teens, they cry for joy. But there are also great options for headphones at a low price, so don’t worry if you’re a little worried about the price.

The iJoy Bluetooth Foldable Headphones feature an adjustable headband, comfortable earmuffs, and five button controls on the headphones. The foldable design makes it easy for teens to carry anywhere and comes in 7 different colors. “It’s a high quality headphone, and nothing beats the price. I think these sounds are as good as the beat brand,” wrote an Amazon reviewer. “Also, I can get fm radio with these. I really like this. Highly recommended!”

If the idea of ​​finding the best headphones for your teens involves spending as little as possible, these AILIHEN headphones will be your savior. They have fun colors, and they are foldable for easy transport. And since you know your teen will inevitably lose them, they are cheap enough that you can order two pairs at a time, and you are always ready I have a replacement.

The coolness factor can come from the appearance of the headphones. While these may initially appeal to tweens more than teens, TCJJ Cat Ear Wireless Headphones have many adult fans who are not ashamed to shake their cat ears. .. It works wirelessly, but it also comes with a jack audio cable just in case. If you have problems with Bluetooth, it’s especially useful to be able to convert to wired headphones. Not only does it look cute, but it also has great sound quality, especially for the price. They come in three different colors.

Tuinyo’s Bluetooth headphones are suitable for phones and games because they charge quickly, have a long battery life, and have a microphone. The foldable pair also comes with a convenient travel case. “These headphones are great. The sound works well, it’s very easy to connect via Bluetooth, and it’s also very easy to carry. It folds up and comes with its own carrier so you’re traveling or out. It’s great when you want to cancel the noise. After a while, my ears hurt, so I’m usually noisy with headphones, but I can wear them for hours with little concern, “said one Amazon reviewer. increase.

Thanks to its long battery life, HyperX may be the best wireless gaming headphones. These headphones are comfortable, have a sleek look and also feature a built-in microphone for online gaming. Understand that he or she is not talking to you when a teenager is talking into the microphone while playing. (But one day it will happen. Keep your chin up.)

We fully understand that putting the Bose brand on the list of the best headphones for teens is a bit controversial. But if it fits on your budget, these headphones are unmatched in quality and comfort. (If you think about it, you might have to buy it yourself instead. After all, I did the housework this week.) These have two great modes, “quiet” and “awareness”, 10 Instead, put them in “recognition” mode so they aren’t completely blocked.

Schools are noisy, especially when your teenager is trying to study … or so teens say. Therefore, these Sony headphones are ranked as the best headphones for the school because they have excellent noise canceling function that makes you feel as if you are the only person in the whole school, and unlimited learning is possible. It is attached. (When your child tries to explain “D” in an algebraic class, remove another excuse from the list.)

If teens want noise canceling headphones and are worried about costs, the answer is simple. These Silensys headphones include ANC technology to help mute crowded environments. Easy to pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices, these headphones can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. “I used them for games and I was able to walk to the other side of the house from my computer, but I still hear. I called on my cell phone and people clearly called me. I’ve heard, “said one Amazon reviewer. “Overall, I am very impressed and will buy again.

These Riwbox XBT-880 wireless Bluetooth headphones have convenient headphone controls. There are 4 other colors! One customer said, “It’s a very comfortable earphone whether you go to the gym or take a walk along the river path in the morning. They have a great sound, and I like the fact that they are wireless. , And I like the fact that I don’t have to connect a clumsy cord and keep my phone connected while I’m engaged in physical exercise. “

The Beats headphones mentioned above do not apply to the best headphones under $ 100. Instead, these Skullcandy headphones are better suited to your budget needs. They are also good candidates for the best Bluetooth headphones with 15 hours of battery life. It may not look as good as Beats headphones, but it’s durable and may be more important to your teen anyway.

The best wireless earphones

Without Apple AirPods, the list of the best headphones for teens wouldn’t be complete. They are stylish and desirable, almost reaching the beat level. It can be charged wirelessly in the included case. They also include three different tapered silicone chips so your child can fit comfortably. For teenagers who are all Apple fans, these AirPods are a great gift. #parentoftheyear

Some teens prefer the idea of ​​wireless earphones instead of headphones. Earphones are very convenient and seem like a technical miracle. These TOZO earphones fit in a wireless charging case. In other words, storage is immediately available. Well, if you remember that your teens don’t lose their earphones, but put them where they belong every night, we’ll really get a miracle.

These Beats Flex wireless earphones are especially suitable for teens because they offer excellent audio quality, especially at a fairly affordable price. In addition, they are part of the Beats brand and can be appreciated by even the most exhausted teens. They provide up to 12 hours of listening time and use fast fuel charging when the battery is low. This means you can extend battery life in just a few minutes.

Wireless earphones are expensive. So you may have some anxiety about giving them to your teen. It can be understood. But keep in mind. In the near future (if you don’t have one yet), you’ll be giving the car key to this same teenager. (Deep breath.) Maybe take your baby’s step with these Jabra earphone headphones. Before you hand over your car, make sure they can take care of your earphones.

For teens who have Samsung mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy earphone headphones are a perfect match. (Actually, it also works on Apple iPhones.) It’s a great gift for teens at a reasonable price. They are even drip-proof. God only knows why teenagers need drip-proof earphones, but sometimes it’s better not to ask a question.

The best wired earphones for teens

Apple EarPods are classic for some reason (in fact, were even high school students teenagers if they didn’t stick out of the hoodie when walking through the hall without listening to anyone other than the iPod playlist? #memories). They’re comfortable, give you crisp sound quality even if your teen wants to blow up their music, and are extremely durable (this shopping editor is still fully holding up college Apple EarPods. You can prove that you have-and she didn’t treat them very kindly).

For teens who are serious about music and sound in general, we recommend the Sony MDRXB55AP Wired Extra Bus Earphone Headphones. What’s so great about these? Well, a lot. Available in three colors, these wired buds are tangled-free and provide very deep bass. It also comes with four sizes of earphone tips, so teens can adapt to them accordingly. An Amazon customer said, “This is a very powerful earphone. At this price point, this is the best wired earphone I have ever used.”

In-ear headphones with noise-cancelling technology act as the best headphones in school, but can be difficult to find. These 1MORE headphones provide a very clear sound with environmental noise canceling technology. It’s also more comfortable than most wired in-ear headphones. This is important because it is known that teens wear it on their ears rather than outside.

There are plenty of teenage products and they pretend they don’t want to offend you, but they will love you secretly.

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