Images of the new drone show remarkable progress in the “significant” restoration of the Museum of Science and Industry.

A new drone footage from the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester has been released, demonstrating the striking “scale and ambition” of today’s millions of pounds restoration projects.

The new drone footage provides aerial photographs of the site to outline the museum’s huge footprint, showing works delivered specifically on the roof of the powerhole-captured by David Bewick in the Boca movie. It was made into a short film and is now available for viewing on YouTube and the museum’s social media platforms.

The film also shows some of the repairs being done in other parts of the museum and future plans for an important heritage.

As some of you may not know, the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester’s city center is currently implementing an “important” program of restoration work. This allows visitors to have fun, play, and learn when it is generally resumed.

The ongoing restoration work is aimed at remodeling the Victorian buildings listed in Grade I and Grade II that make up the site of the 7-acre city center museum.

The work creates an improved gallery experience, including the iconic power hall where the term North Power Plant was actually built, and the 1830 stations and warehouses that are part of the world’s earliest railroad building. increase.

Restoration work will be done in addition to the significant environmental improvements of the entire site, as well as the opening of new spaces for visitors, such as the award-winning special exhibition gallery that hosts a variety of groundbreaking scientific exhibits and experiences. I will. – Including the current exhibition Amazonia..

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The museum is also creating new connections to the city’s groundbreaking new cultural space, such as the Factory and the River Irwell, which will open next year with the aim of “enhancing the sense of place” in Manchester’s vibrant district. increase.

According to the museum, many outdoor areas have also been planted, with colorful new plans to promote biodiversity and indoor and outdoor areas for families.

The new drone footage shows the remarkable progress of the
The Science and Industry Museum is currently undergoing an “important” program of restoration work / Credits: Science Museum Group

“This is a very exciting time,” explained Sally McDonald.President of the Museum of Science and Industry.

“We are honored to occupy some truly exceptional buildings that need urgent restoration. We work with experts and take great care to transform them. In addition to addressing historical issues to preserve important details, the building is sustainable and provides the best experience for visitors. “

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She goes on to say: “I’m sorry if it interferes with my work, but more visitors from the local community and other areas enjoy the museum, science and industry.”

“What we can achieve here is not only to bring lifelong benefits to everyone who lives and visits the city, but also to explore ideas that will change the world.
A museum that can change the world of people through wonder and play and stimulate curiosity, self-confidence and skills, “she added.

The Museum of Science and Industry is open to the public during restoration work, making the most of some exhibits and experiences.

Find out more about what’s happening here.

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