Indian Startup IG Drone Wins Prestigious Global Air Words Best Drone Organization Award

IGDrones, a leading drone enterprise platform company based in Delhi, was awarded the Airwards “Best Drone Organization – Start-up Category”. IG Drones was selected for this award for its approach to helping communities and providing access to technology to a variety of stakeholders in the event of a natural or disaster.

Airwards is the first panoramic global award program of its kind aimed at identifying, recognizing and advocating for positive drone use cases around the world that are innovative, safe and impacting the real world.

Over 120 global entries have been reviewed by 38 drone experts and business leaders, and the winners of this year’s 18 Airwards main category have been awarded. Announced at the second Airwards Winners’ Week (May 23-31, 2022), the winners have been recognized by Airwards as the pinnacle of innovative, responsible and impactful projects made possible by drones. ..

Between 2010 and 2019, there were 119 climate and weather events costing more than $ 1 billion, with an average annual damage of $ 80.2 billion. Ten years earlier (2000-2009), there were only $ 59 billion in events in India, with an average cost of $ 52 billion.

IG Drones is developing new technology-based disaster response and mitigation measures to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of first responder assistance in emergency response and disaster mapping. Using drones and GIS technology, hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved through national disasters such as floods in Assam, Anfan Cyclone, Fanic Cyclone, Jajpur Flood in Orissa, Maharastra Flood, and Uttarakhand Heavy Rainfall.

IG Drones has developed a SaaS global platform for unmanned flight. This is a heavenly blessing to the disaster management community that helped establish Airwards’ position at the People’s Choice Awards. The SaaS platform also supports the interpolation of micro-level high-resolution drone data and low-resolution satellite imagery data. This is an important feature. Various stakeholders in the pre-disaster ecosystem, from disaster management authorities to humanitarian organizations, producers and banks, use the SaaS platform to integrate all key stakeholders into the analyzed drone data. I summarized it in the framework. It has nominated them as the top drone consultants in India. According to IG Drones authorities, they devised a risk and damage assessment process with the help of high brass from many stakeholders. India is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Due to its location and geographical features, it is vulnerable to many natural disasters such as cyclone droughts, floods, earthquakes, fires, landslides and avalanches. Therefore, the involvement of UAVs / drones allows for the collection of raw data and live streaming of valuable information related to the range. According to the SOP developed by IG Drones, real-time assessment of damage to public and private infrastructure for various stakeholders and key decision makers, and rapid risk mitigation in remote and inaccessible areas Support decision making.

Running the AI ​​Neural Engine in the background produces statistical damage and economic loss assessment reports with the correct numbers and markings to help financial institutions and government authorities make informed decisions. Post-disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) brings together various stakeholders (UN agencies and programs, World Banks, funders, and non-governmental organizations) to assess, analyze, and prioritize damage, loss, and needs. Standardize ranking. Government support. Insurance companies have already adopted 17% of all commercial drones, and more drones will fly in the next few years. According to PwC, the available market for drone-based solutions is $ 6.8 billion.

Richard Nichols, founder of Airwards, said: Recovering from a pandemic has never been easier, but I think all the winners show that companies at all levels are dedicated to providing life-saving drone solutions. Judges struggled to determine the winners, but all the judges awarded at this year’s Airwards presented the highest level of original, responsible and influential drone work. All of these great use cases are on track, pushing the boundaries, strengthening the world we live in, and looking forward to what the next 12 months will be. “

With offices in 6 locations, IG Drones has carried out more than 250 projects in more than 26 states in India, including power lines, infrastructure, renewable energy, mining, railroads, river mapping, agriculture, industry and forestry. .. Plans to expand across India and beyond India IG Drones is currently funding Pre-Series A. IGDrones are located nationwide, from the headquarters in Delhi to the Mumbai branch office in Ahmedabad. , Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore and Bhubaneswar IG Drones aim to bring about a self-sustaining and revolutionary paradigm shift in the event of an unfortunate disaster where the community is the first responder. Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya, CEO of IGDrones, is very enthusiastic about building a global drone force that will be the flag bearer for meeting the needs of the community and using technology to solve a variety of problems.


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