India’s Herman Eyeing Premium Buyers will expand category watch interviews with TWS and NC headphones

Audio equipment manufacturers are competing to attract True Wireless Stereo (TWS) users, especially as this segment continues to record strong growth in India. According to Counterpoint Research, the country’s TWS category is dominated by homemade branded boats, noise and vault audio, which offer a decent feature set at an affordable price and outperform its Chinese rivals in this category. Harman International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung and well-known in the soundbar, headphones and TWS earphone categories, has big plans to dodge competition in the Indian market this year. In an exclusive interview with ABP Live, Vikram Kher, Vice President of Lifestyles at Herman India, details how the company is focusing on premium buyers and plans to introduce new products in the TWS and noise canceling headphones category. He said it will be available in a few weeks.

“The two main categories of headphones are noise canceling, the buds of TWS have grown tremendously, and Harman promises to expand his portfolio with the latest features and performance in the coming weeks. Car also told ABP Live, a series to gain more market share in the country, which also recorded even greater sales and continues to update the soundbar.

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Herman recently launched the JBL Go3 / Clip4 / Flip 6 in the speaker category, the JBL Partybox 310 and JBL Tune 130 / 230NC in the TWS category, and the JBL Live 660 in the NC headphone category, the company said. I am. ..

Future sensor integration and customization in the TWS bud category

“I think it’s safe to assume that the era of massive consumption of high-definition streaming music via devices such as TWS has already arrived,” Kher quoted a recent study by Qualcomm and Spotify. Sound quality is an end-user’s top priority, and 77% of respondents say they are interested in high-definition music.

“We believe in creating an unmatched customer experience, with innovative sound engineering adoption of style, quality, convenience and customization, and in all categories / segments intertwined at attractive prices. We are focused on providing noise-canceling audio products, “added Kher.

Harman’s next-generation device capabilities focus not only on sensor integration, but also on user-friendly customization. Sound quality is an important differentiator, and the company will innovate in that area, including the introduction of 3D audio.

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Harman’s Market Development Strategy in India and Utilization of Premium Buyers

Personal mobility is driving the growth of Harman’s personal audio products such as TWS buds and headphones, and the company is turning the TWS category to overtake wireless earphones in shipments in India and other markets in the coming quarters. I expect it to be a point. “This year, Harman’s market-building approach aims to target quality-focused, premium yet informed buyers,” said a top executive.

“Our focus is to make these products available to all customers across the entire channel category, and to achieve this, we are equally focused on online and offline channels.” He added.

India is mainly Harman’s distribution hub

Herman has more than 9,000 engineers and scientists working at R & D centers in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi, contributing to global growth. “Thanks for the support from Maharashtra. Consumer lifestyle products are manufactured in the United States and China. India is just a distribution hub. We are also responsible for procured and recycled materials. We have introduced a new product line made from. By 2025, we promised 100% renewable energy at all Harman plants, “Kher further explained.

JBL by Herman vs. Rivals

According to Kher, some Indian companies recognize themselves as a premium brand, but JBL is more comprehensive, which gives the brand an edge over its rivals. “We have products in different price ranges, so customers can buy any product according to their budget. With the latest products in terms of design, technology and reliability, we have a reputation for trust. “Kar said.


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