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Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular these days, so it’s no wonder that many people have their gadgets fastened to their wrists. If you’ve never been on the trend of smartwatches and wondering if it’s a worthwhile investment, why not check out the HiFuture FutureFit ZONE smartwatch?

One of the main reasons is that it’s a very affordable smartwatch at $ 70 and now the company actually offers a $ 38.50 discount when using the HIFZONE coupon code at checkout. .. This means that you will pay less than half of the original asking price, which is a very affordable way to get your first wearable.

Of course, price alone may not be a good reason. Therefore, some of the features that may help you make decisions are highlighted below.

Large and beautiful display

The FutureFit Zone comes with a 1.69 inch TFT 240×240 display with a 60Hz refresh rate and 16-bit color generation. Of course, this is a full touch screen display with a wide color gamut of 99.5% Adobe RGB. The slightly curved edges give the illusion that the display extends to the edges, so you should be able to see everything fairly clearly, including notifications and photos.

water resistant

If you want to use your watch in a sweaty gym, the Future Fit zone is for you. With an IP68 rating, it’s relatively water and dustproof, so you can use it in the gym and quickly rinse it off later to wash away sweat.

It also means that if you want, you can swim it with you unless you go deep sea diving and plan to stay in the water for a long time, IP68 rating pool for you Training must be more than you can withstand.

Over 20 different sport modes

Speaking of training, the Future Fit zone actually has 24 different sport modes, given that we are all doing different activities to stay healthy. This means that you should be able to find training that your watch can track, whether you go running / jogging, swimming, treadmills, and more.

Long-lasting battery

In many cases, battery life isn’t ideal, and you’ll see smartwatches of this era, some of which last for just over a day. This can be annoying if you don’t like the idea that you have to constantly charge your watch every day. In the FutureFit zone, the HiFuture is equipped with a battery that they claim has a 14-day waiting time.

In other words, depending on how you use your watch, you can use it for about two weeks before it needs to be charged. This is great if you are traveling abroad or camping and you do not have access to a power outlet to charge your smartwatch. Of course, if you use your watch often, your mileage may be different, but overall it’s pretty good.

This watch also comes with the company’s Newgen Charging. This is a kind of charging cradle that helps you charge your watch when the battery is low.

Multiple health sensors

Nowadays, smartwatches that don’t come with a heart rate sensor are almost unprecedented, so it’s no wonder that the FutureFit Zone also comes with a heart rate sensor. But it’s not just about tracking your heart rate. The company is equipped with a blood oxygen sensor so that you can check the oxygen concentration after exercise.

A green light sensor is used to monitor heart rate and blood pressure, and a red light sensor is used to monitor blood oxygen.
User’s physical activity data can be monitored in real time 24 hours a day. The data is also synced to the APP to share health data with family and friends.

HiFuture even claims that the Future Fit zone can measure blood pressure. We can’t talk about its accuracy because we haven’t tried it ourselves, but the company points out that it’s not for medical use. So it’s probably enough to get a rough idea, but if it’s an indication of something unusual, you should have a medical professional check it out.

This watch is also linked to the FitCloudPro app, so you can use it to view your workout data and other vitals. It can also be used by women to track their menstrual cycle. It also has a built-in pedometer to help you count your steps and track how much you walked on a particular day.

For those who want to track their sleep, FutureFit Zone has a built-in sleep tracker that can provide detailed sleep reports when you wake up.

Price and availability

If you’re into the FutureFit Zone smartwatch, you can get it from the HiFuture website. As mentioned earlier, the retail price of this watch is usually $ 70, but if you use the HIFZONE coupon code at checkout now, you can save $ 38.50, which makes this smartwatch a great deal.

About HiFuture

Many of you may be familiar with smartwatch brands such as Apple, Samsung, Fossil, Garmin and Polar. HiFuture may not always be familiar to you, but the company started in 2016 with a focus on creating functional and cost-effective premium appliances and mobile audio accessories.

In fact, the company has partnered with Qualcomm, Realtek, and BES, to name just a few, with those products available in more than 40 countries and more than 5,000 stores selling devices.

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