Khalid Talks Sony Headphones Campaign, New Album, Single “Skyline”

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Somewhere early this spring, while celebrating his 5th anniversary of debut American teen And when I dropped an early candidate for a summer song with Marshmello, I was able to find Khalid in Copenhagen. “I was here in the studio with Lukas Graham, which was a great experience,” said the Grammy-nominated superstar. Rolling stone on mail. “I had shows in Iceland, Norway and Lithuania. It was very nice to go abroad for the first time since the pandemic and explore and have a new experience.”

In addition to the tour, the singer released a series of new singles this year, including “Skyline” (a video that has already been played over 6.4 million times on YouTube), with the latest partnership between Khalid and Sony in a new headphone campaign. Introduced.

Sony headphones


Sony WH-1000XM5
$ 398.00

Khalid, who is also testing the new gear in the campaign video (see below), calls the headphone noise-cancelling technology “out of the world.” Released this spring and available in two colorways, the sophisticated new Overear WH-1000XM5 headphones are 360 ​​Reality Audio certified cans. In other words, headphones will sound more immersive when music released on 360 Reality Audio, such as Khalid’s debut or recent singles, is streamed on services such as Amazon Music and Tidal. Designed for.

“You really can’t hear anything around you. It’s your world, nothing else,” says Khalid about the sound quality of the gear. For example, you can use it for calls on Amazon Alexa, but the artist describes it as “providing a great experience for listening to music.”

“There is a depth and detail of the song that is conveyed in a very important way compared to other listening experiences,” explains Khalid. “You just feel familiar with music, and this comes from my point of view, both as an artist and as a music fan.”

Rolling stone I caught up with Khalid and talked more about Sony’s collaboration, his next album, and who he wants to work with next.

One of the latest singles, “Skyline,” was featured throughout the new Sony campaign. You talked about how the song is “a perfect example of a roller coaster ride filled with endorphins.” Can you tell us a little bit about what the song meant to you and what it was like to record it?

Me and [producer] Chrome Sparks was creating “Skyline”, but there was no agenda for creating a particular type of song. My songwriting process is very personal and introspective. The melody and lyrics are inspired by the music, and the “Skyline” chords give the feeling of flying high and alive at that moment.

Music videos were one of my favorite movies. Using choreography and vibrant aesthetics, we have done a lot of work to give the song a complementary visual. The Nissan Skyline has always been one of my favorite cars and that’s why it happened.

What are you listening to now? What are you playing on your headphones lately?

Recently, I’ve been listening to stories from various artists. Lots of R & B, electronic, pop and soothing music. I love finding new artists, so I’m always looking for a cool atmosphere that inspires me.

When I went to a concert on the Bree Runway, she was a great performer. I also listen to new music to ensure that her fans love the work.

What influenced the new songs on the next album Everything is changingWhere did you record it?

There is a lot of inspiration for the songs on this next album. Originally I started working on this project during the pandemic period, so there are some songs that tell me how I felt at the time.

Recently, Chrome and I have been creating cool sounds, pushing ourselves creatively and enjoying the process.


Courtesy sony

Sony WH-1000XM5
$ 398.00

You have worked with so many artists over the years, from Alicia Keys to Billie Eilish. Can you expect new collaborations on your next album? Do you have a dream collaboration?

It was great to work with so many talented artists over the years. I love collaborating with my friends. There are some cool collaborations planned, but they need to be kept secret.

Father John Misty and John Mayer were two of my dream collaborations that I am grateful for. I want to collaborate with Tracy Chapman. I think each sound and style can complement each other to create something truly special.

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