Koss Porta Pro Vintage Headphones Review 2022

I worked hard to become an AirPods person. In theory, I need to love all of them. They are lightweight, take up very little space in the bag, and have a minimalist design that fits everything.Sadly, those hard and white nuggets are never — and I mean I never have— Stay in my ears. As soon as you move your head, it falls off, and when you try to fix it, it actually hurts. Over the years, I’ve run many Goldilocks with a variety of over-the-ear headphones. My ears get warm in New York City) Until I settle for this very affordable, sourceless, but Panasonic suction earphone pair. They were solid, but after using for 2 hours they started to make me uncomfortable. After all, it’s an unavoidable problem. Apparently, the cartilage in my ear isn’t meant to keep a hard piece of plastic inside for hours. disappointing.

I went back to the square without a real clue (or big budget) about what I needed, but accepted the fact that it would end up in a “well” quality, not to mention the design. Then the omniscient TikTok algorithm did its best and used the virus KossPorta Pro to bring me to the paradise of audiophiles.

The chemical reaction happened instantly. In particular, I used the beige retro-style PortaPro, which helped push the headphones into a viral state. Not only is it constantly sold out on both the Amazon and Kos websites, but it also has over 17.7 million views under TikTok’s #kossportapros hashtag. They have an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 800 reviews on Amazon, most of which are enthusiastic papers on great sound quality, low prices, and 80’s / 90’s aesthetics. As one reviewer said, “I was about to shed tears of joy. Perhaps some of them are in the presentation. These really happen.”

$59.99 and Amazon

When the glorious day of beige replenishment came-yes, these puppies are often sold out-I broke that order button and set out to see if they were really worth the hype did.

First impression

First, there are some juicy diets from Kos. The American audio equipment company was founded in Milwaukee in 1958 and actually invented the world’s first SP / 3 stereo phone that same year. It’s also a rare service-based company these days. This means that if you need to repair or refurbish an electronic device, the Koss team can help. If your model is discontinued, you can still connect by dialing 1-800-USA-KOSS.pretty When Helpful.

This compassion was evident in both the packaging and design of my sweet little Porta Pro. PortaPro comes with a soft pouch and a hard shell case. Fold the headphones themselves and hook them together.

FullSizeRender (3) .jpeg

And these headphones Light.. Like, brioche bread will carry more weight. When I finally tried it on, I felt like I was wearing a cotton candy crown, so I stepped into the city to see if I could compete with Bushwick’s weekend carfuffles. This is … a soundscape for many things.

What is Rad

“Good God, Frankie” is usually what the editor says when entering the office with intertwined earphones, like a weathered telephone pole. But the day I worked in Porta Pros, Linda Hamilton felt cool. He seemed to know how to hit a stick shift and had an opinion about the TR-808 drum machine. They also took my typical white T-shirt and raver pants outfit combination to the next level.

IMG_0377 2.jpeg

In terms of specs, these PortaPros have many hidden features. There’s an in-line microphone, remote and attenuation volume controls, and a small sliding one on the outside of the earphones for adjusting the hardness of the fit. As a thornless jellyfish, I like to get a little nervous and ride on my head. The inline mic attachment also has a pause / play button that you can quickly press twice to skip to the next track. Also, the part that attaches the dongle for iPhone listening is slightly angled for ergonomic use.

Expect a clear, clear sound with a solid bass that produces just the right sound without being overwhelmed. Before I bought it, I read a lot of Amazon reviews and said that the regular Porta Pro sounds good, but this beige limited edition set sounds even better. One Amazon audio fan wrote: […] And I found them to sound more lively, more dynamic and more three-dimensional. [The] Bass punches harder and has more air [and] Shines in the high register. After testing the retrend form of love A * muah * blend of the album and its synths and piano, I sincerely agree.Blasting the Prodigy leaks a little sound Or a 10 hour bagpipe, but most of the time you don’t have to worry about others listening to my music. If so, you can quickly turn down the volume with a small slider on the cable. They have almost become my summer personality at this point, and I can’t even wait to start switching earpads:

$12 and Amazon

It was tricky

Wait … exactly how these are sitting on my head? It was my first thought when I took PortaPro out of the box. I’m not alone, as evidenced by Reddit users who say “mandible” in a thread titled “How to Wear PortaPro?”. I’ve seen people on TikTok wearing them both ways. This probably proves how comfortable they are, but the correct way to wear them is clearly shown on the Koss website.


These are easy purchases for anyone looking for an over-the-ear option with lots of swags and are the first headphones I’m really excited to wear every day. For those who don’t like earphones, but don’t want to carry awkward headphones during their daily commute, the lightweight and easily foldable frame is perfect. If you’re a serious audiophile, know that Porta Pros is really worth the price hype (and especially the nostalgia of the 80’s).The sound is clear and bright, with a solid bass that you never get. womp-womp The overwhelming, often sold-out retro beige edition is the real feather of a collector’s hat. Not only do they make me feel like an off-duty bounty hunter, Terminator It’s a movie, but it makes all the clothes I wear a little cooler. From rave reviews to graves, I love my Portapro.

Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition Rhythm Beige Headphones are available on Amazon, eBay, and Koss.com.

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