Listen to us going: History of wireless headphones

When was the last time you bought the technology and pleased you? It was the first time for me to listen to my favorite song on a set of Apple AirPods Max headphones. This allowed me to listen to songs that I had never heard before. You can ask what the artist is playing. Sometimes you may think you can hear what the artist is thinking.

Wireless headphones have come an incredibly long way in a very short amount of time. But their history goes far beyond what you might expect and contains some incredible innovations.

1880s: Headphones that cause headaches

A woman wearing early headphones

(Image credit: Twitter / Histoire & Odysee)

Headphones were not originally designed for music. They were created for telephone operators who need to physically connect everyone’s phones. The first models introduced in the 1880s didn’t look much like today’s headphones. It looked like a phone that was cut in half and attached to my head. And it weighs about 5 kg, which is equivalent to 111 pairs of AirPods.

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