Looking for the best smartwatch for your child?Complete parent guide

Kids smartwatches are very popular with families who want to keep their children safe while keeping in touch with their children remotely and minimizing screen time. As an easy tool to carry your luggage like a wristwatch, you can stay connected with children aged 3 to 11 without having to hold your smartphone. Often, it’s one of the first devices a child connects to.

But as a futuristic, parent and author of Parenting High-Tech Kids, I find that the best smartwatches for kids not only bring families closer and give them more room to walk around, but also make calls and GPS. It reminds the family that it offers other features in addition to the tracker. .. Here, we’ll take a closer look at kids’ watches with smart features, how the underlying technology works, and why top smartwatches for kids can prove to be an essential training tool for kids.

What does a child’s smartwatch do?

Features vary from product to product, but in general, children’s smartwatches allow children to make phone calls and send text to pre-approved contact lists. USA Today’s 2022 Editor’s Choice Awards Pick Verizon Gizmo Watch 2 also uses GPS or geo-fencing, so parents check the app on their mobile phones when their kids first walk to a friend’s house or a nearby playground. You can see if you’ve achieved that. The best smartwatches for kids that are easy to set up and use often have additional features such as games, fitness trackers, alarms and reminders.

Many also have a touch screen and emergency contact options. Some also offer video calling and video conferencing capabilities.

Here’s what many of today’s children’s smartwatches can do at a glance:

  • Wireless audio and / or video calling

  • Text and voice memo

  • Parental control (also known as safety control)

  • GPS position tracking

  • Geo-fence with real-time alerts (boundary setting)

  • Apps and games

  • alarm

  • reminder

  • Fitness and step count tracking

  • To-do list or task list

Why children’s smartwatches are becoming an increasingly alternative to smartphones for the first device

If your child is too young or your phone isn’t ready, your smartwatch can be a great smartphone replacement. That’s because it can act as training wheels of some sort when it comes to connected technology for children. Parental controls, along with other useful features such as easy-to-read messages and call history, limit who your child can send text messages to, make calls, and send photos. This can provide a great way to show children the world of technology while limiting web exposure.

4 things to look for in your child’s smartwatch

Although each family has different needs, the 3-11 year olds in this age group (the general age group for children’s smartwatches) have four important features:

  1. GPS tracking

  2. Safety function

  3. durability

  4. fun

GPS tracking

Among the most important features that many units offer is a GPS tracker for children that provides real-time position options so parents can see their child’s movements. You can also set up a geofence with these kids tracking clocks. This allows you to establish a GPS boundary and send notifications to parents when your child crosses the boundary, such as at school or at a friend’s house in the neighborhood. For many parents, the ability to find a child on the move is a priority. In addition, if your child sometimes loses track of the device, GPS makes it as easy to find the device as the “find phone” feature on your smartphone.

Safety function

Check your device’s parental controls. As with any device created for toddlers, make sure you have the ability to restrict access to the Internet, who you can send messages to, and whether your device is protected by a strong PIN or password. Similarly, to minimize the amount of information shared with children’s smartwatch makers and third-party application creators, you should typically configure the device settings menu and privacy settings in individual apps.

The best smartwatches for kids provide two-way communication capabilities, so teach your kids when and where to use the device, how to communicate with respect, and who to talk to. You can also. Some children’s smartwatches also offer SOS or “panic mode” features with alarms, GPS alerts, automatic audio or video recording. You will want to teach your children how to use these features responsibly.

For your safety, we recommend choosing a kids watch model that restricts connections to websites, social media networks, and the entire Internet.

Durable smartwatch

Consider the durability and waterproofness of your device. Keep in mind that when your child plays or spends the day, he travels with him. It’s important to choose a model with a long battery life and a sturdy charger, as children may forget to charge their device on a regular basis. An intuitive user interface is also important. Easy-to-use units make it easy for children to use and stay in touch. The screen size is also worth remembering. This makes it easier to find reminders and notifications, mash up alerts and buttons on the screen, and make the information easier to read.

Fun part: Fitness tracker and interactive games

Choosing a unit with calorie, heart rate, and step tracking capabilities will help promote and promote good fitness habits. Fitness features vary from model to model, but often include features such as activity trackers, fitness apps, daily goals, and to-do lists. Some can even record voice, send text and emoji, and send voice messages with fun filters. Whichever unit you choose, kids are designed to play, so look for features designed with kids’ play in mind to bring out the fun.


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