Mackie MC-450 Professional Open Back Headphones Review

The Mackie brand isn’t always a common name in the general video gaming industry, but as gaming hobbies continue to correlate with live streaming and influencer culture, Washington-based audio equipment makers are making music. Beyond that, we are gradually expanding our mind share. An industry for the new content creation sector, including games.

Recently, Mackie Chromium, an interesting hybrid of microphones and 2-channel digital mixers primarily aimed at musicians (including podcasters), and many of the company’s more standard audio products such as monitor speakers, soundbars, and USB microphones. I reviewed. Enjoy widespread use in the game space. For all of the above reasons, Mackie’s latest headphone product, the MC-450 Professional Openback Headphones for Premium Mixing Reference, will become as relevant to gamers and influencers as professionals in the music industry. Very suitable for.

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Mackie’s famous tagline is that its products are “built like tanks.” I’m not a reviewer who twists the headphones to the limit and recklessly tests such claims, but the MC-450 is solid and solid, even though it’s mostly a plastic frame. I feel like I did. The underside of the metal-reinforced headband, which organizes the entire operation, is hidden in a padded sleeve in premium leather, allowing you to sit comfortably on your head for extended periods of time.

Earcups, on the other hand, feature elastic yet luxurious memory foam cushions that completely wrap most ears and provide a 45-degree forward turn. This makes it easy to store in the included protective case, among other basic conveniences. The right earcup is clearly identified by the green plastic swivel ring on the bracket, as opposed to the black counterpart on the left. This allows the user to easily determine in which direction the headphones should be worn at any time. This is very thankful. I’m still not sure if it’s sold with the “perforated stitch” look of the cushion, but it’s very comfortable to the ear.

The company’s signature “Running Man” logo on the back of the earcup is the centerpiece of the Mackie MC-450’s metallic speaker grill-style cap, not just for the show by chance. Rather, they act as “vents” in the nominal “open back” design of the headphones, with the goal of allowing sound to escape to the surrounding environment. For a professional audio beginner like me, this may seem contrary to the overall point of buying expensive professional headphones, but it does things from the perspective of someone working in the professional sound business. Looking at it makes a lot of sense Mixing and Editing: Not all sounds sound good.

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For example, my brother’s twin brothers are occasionally exposed to the moonlight as a club DJ in addition to their daily work. In their work, the main role of professional headphones like the Mackie MC-450 is to provide the purest possible representation of the original sound source for editing and mixing purposes, without artificial special effects or distortion. Is to do. A potential problem that sometimes occurs with closed-back headphones is that excessive sound can accumulate and echo in the earcups, affecting the fidelity of what the user is hearing and thus adversely affecting the quality of the mix. Is to have. This is especially problematic for listening-heavy tasks such as mastering songs, editing videos, and synchronizing two songs on a digital turntable.

Conversely, open-back headphones leak extra sound, making it easier for listeners to hear the entire frequency range of the audio signal. In addition, the open-back design does not allow the listener’s ears to be completely isolated from the surrounding environment. This is ideal for live DJ performances where you frequently match two different music tracks through headphones. Often, there are monitor speakers near the DJ to keep them in sync to reflect what the audience is listening to. With no isolation, DJs can actively listen to viewers’ reactions to make them more entertaining and interacting.

But what if you’re just an audiophile and not an industry expert? Does the Mackie MC-450 guarantee a purchase from us seeking a prestigious listening experience? Therefore, the answer is absolutely yes.

Admit that disabling BassBoost on both the PowerAmp and Spotify apps on all devices and defaulting each EQ to the normal vanilla settings seemed a bit strange. At first I had a hard time understanding the difference in sound quality, but as I got used to the more natural grooves of the Mackie MC-450, I soon realized the difference.

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The Mackie MC-450 provides a clear, clean and airy overall sound when listening to music. This can be likened to listening to a performance in a recording studio or in the front row, the best and only closed venue. Home seat. Alternatively, a fellow friend and headphone nut who let me listen to the Mackie MC-450 easily sit alone in an open room and listen to their music, despite being in a different environment. I explained the experience as if I were doing it best.

The Mackie MC-450 is an excellent set of professional cans for audiophiles. The bass is punchy without the need for emphasis, the voice is crisp, the treble is much easier to find, and the bass is lush. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just making things in my head, so I lent the MC-450 to my DJ brothers and had them play for a day, but they came back with similar feelings.

“… the MC-450 will not replace my dedicated gaming headset in terms of surround performance.”

Whether you’re listening to high-quality MP3 files or listening to lossless tracks directly from a CD, the breadth and clarity provided by the MC-450 makes it easier to focus on, making live concert performances the most enjoyable. I understand. Audience reaction on a particular instrument, main or background vocal and / or whimsical. It really gave me a bigger sense of being in the place where the music was made.

Don’t get me wrong. My collection of consumer headsets hasn’t been ruined yet, but the act of listening to music doesn’t replace my dedicated gaming headset with the Mackie MC-450. Surround performance. That said, it’s hard to imagine not sticking to the Mackie MC-450 when you have a choice, especially when listening to music. And unless you’re super lightweight and need to move, the included accessories ensure portability. It’s not a barrier to making that choice.

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In addition to the protective carrying case mentioned above, the Mackie MC-450 is a smaller one used to house a gold-plated ¼ inch adapter for connecting to professional equipment and three different removable cable options. A nesting accessory case is also included. The first is a 4-foot straight cable with a built-in phone, microphone, and on-wire remote control for volume control, intended for on-the-go use. A second 4-foot coiled cable (which can be extended to at least 1.5m) allows the wearer freedom of movement, but is careful not to get in the way when extra length is not needed. Withdrawal makes it ideal for working in the studio.

“… It’s hard to imagine not sticking to the Mackie MC-450, especially when listening to music.”

Finally, a 9.8-foot straight cable with a fabric jacket is available to connect to audio listening devices that tend to be far away from listeners, such as full-size stereo system amplifiers, mini-systems, and surround sound systems. Ideal for users who want to lean on reclining chairs and sofas. The carrying case holds headphones, an accessory case, an adapter jack, and all three cables. And if you don’t need to rush to bundle and pack your cables neatly, the large mesh pockets allow you to quickly insert your cables. So you can prepare for almost any scenario and don’t have to worry about misplaced components.

With a suggested retail price of C $ 389.99, it’s hard to recommend the Mackie MC-450 to undyed audiophiles, or at least those who aren’t interested in audiophiles. An entry-level price that allows beginners to clench their teeth before stepping up to the big league. On the other hand, if you’re a serious content creator whose purpose is to edit, mix and produce audio and visual media, and you have the money, the desire, and the time to dive into the deep end, the Mackie MC-450 is for content creation and music. An excellent gateway to the wider world of appreciation.

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