Money Heist: South Korea-Joint Economic Area Season 1, Episode 2 Summary


Episode 2 is another impressive chapter when robbers move in a fierce direction.

Netflix K-Drama Series Summary MoneyHeist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Season 1, Episode 2 contains spoilers.

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So far, this is Money Heist The remake follows the same plot lines as the original. The background of the characters is different, and the connection between the professor and the negotiator is not well known, but the order of the events is the same. This may seem offensive to some viewers, but so far the Korean remake is a great piece with the best performance.

Money Heist: South Korea – Joint Economic Area Season 1, Episode 2 Summary

Episode 2 begins with Tokyo talking about the dangers of asylum from North Korea in the past and the brutal labor that followed. Berlin was one of the flaws that experienced trauma after being caught across the border. His experience shapes the character he is in now. He is a cold and chilling leader.

Currently, the professor tells Berlin that it is important to manage the hostages. At the beginning of the episode, it’s a bit tidy as the hostages are working on a shift to keep the robbery running smoothly.

Song Woojin returned to work and dominated the story with journalists, stating that the Mentha raid was “fake news.” She asks Captain ChaMoohyuk to team up with her for her best results. She calls the professor and starts a new relationship so they can negotiate. The professor asks her, “When was your last experience with orgasm?” It was at this moment that she realized that Song Woojin was dealing with a skilled negotiator. She also finds that she is intrigued by him. She knows little about the professor being a close acquaintance.

Cho Young-min cannot help himself and tries to collude with other hostages to weaken the robbery team. One of the hostages is distracted by a shovel injury as Cho Young-min creeps up. However, he was caught, but then behaves as if he was trying to help his colleague’s injury. Of course, the robbery team doesn’t buy it for a second. They know he is responsible. They know he is a clown.

Berlin decides to divide the hostages into North Korea and South Korea after Cho Young-min’s actions, and he sets new rules — if the South Korean hostages make a bad decision, the North Korean hostages will be punished. If the North Korean hostage does something wrong, the Korean hostage will be punished. Flashback reveals that this is the professor’s plan to split the hostages and let the hostages create enemies with each other. Tokyo is not happy with this plan, but focusing on the division between North Korea and South Korea is an interesting political play in the story.

Cho Young-min continues his plans and asks him to get his smartwatch so that he can call Yong Misun. She doesn’t believe in his intentions, so she causes a fuss among them. When this is noticed, CLim Young Min Youn Misun tells Denver that she is pregnant and needs a break.

Yong Misun is placed in the same room as Anne Kim (the ambassador’s daughter), who suspects something is happening and draws Rio’s attention. Ann tells Rio that she needs a bathroom for her period. Youn Misun uses this as an opportunity to get a smartwatch. And Anne Kim kisses Rio in the bathroom, but she brings a gun. Rio dares to shoot him, but he is safe. He immediately removes her gun from her.

Sung Woo Jin is warned by a signal from his smartwatch and tries to talk to Young Misung, but Denver goes through the door. Yong Misun tells Denver that she is hungry and he understands her needs well and serves her food. Denver asks if Cho Young-min hit her, but she reveals that he is married and confirms their relationship. At this point, it’s clear that Denver is already taking care of her. Meanwhile, Song Woojin calls her professor and she tells him that she had her last orgasm two months ago. Then she asks about her hostage phone. The professor is suspicious on the phone with the negotiator, so he calls the robbery team to check in.

After that, Denver confronts Cho Young-min about the impregnation of Young Mi-sun. During this showdown, Yong Misun sneaks his smartwatch into Cho Young Min’s pocket.

In the evening, the professor enjoys dinner with Song Woojin. She tells him that she took a break in a robbery situation. However, in the evening, the professor becomes too noisy and slippery. Song Woojin asks her professor why he sniffed her work phone and pulls out her cuffs to arrest him. The professor manages to brag about her situation, tells her she wants to know her better, and suspects she may be involved with another man. Song Woojin looks emotional to her professor’s confession and she apologizes to him. She states she can’t be in her relationship.

However, spending the night with Song Woojin gave the professor the information he needed. Berlin rounds up the hostage because the professor told the robbery team that one of the hostages has a smartwatch. Cho Youngmin allows the task force team to listen by clicking on the text link on the smartwatch.

Berlin asked Cho Young-min to move forward, so he sneaked his smartwatch into Young Misun. Berlin tells Cho Young-min to scan the smartwatch with a metal detector to find out who has the smartwatch. The deputy director of the bank tries to pretend to scan Yong Misun, but Berlin helps him. At the moment of tension, the smartwatch falls to the floor in front of Young Musin. Berlin broke the smartwatch and Song Woojin and her team remained afraid of the lives of the hostages.

When Song Woojin receives a call from the professor, he tries to act as if he doesn’t know anything about the smartwatch, but the professor isn’t fooled by the conversation. She warns him that if he hurt any of the hostages, it would hurt his negotiations. The professor said she had no chance anymore.


Episode 2 ends in a dramatic situation.

Berlin demands that Yong Musin be executed, but Denver and Rio try to intervene. Berlin tells Denver to kill her and gives him her gun. Denver takes her pregnant woman somewhere private and executes it. Berlin, on the other hand, wants to know who provided the smartwatch to Youn Musin. Another hostage immediately blames Cho Young-min.

Denver is emotionally struck by being ordered to kill Yong Musin. He makes a shot before everyone intervenes and the hostages hear it. Berlin told Cho Young-min that he wouldn’t punish him directly because Yong Musin’s death was his punishment in the chilling final scene.

But unless you know what’s going on in the original, it’s unlikely that Youn Musin is dead. Episode 2 is another impressive chapter when robbers move in a fierce direction.

Additional notable plot points

  • Song Woojin is worried that his mother needs to go to the hospital.
  • Denver is discussing with his father Moscow how he refers to his mother. Denver is unaware of her relationship with her mother.
  • Ann Kim flirts with Rio.
  • Berlin tells Denver that he is naive because his emotions undermine him — he guarantees him that the robbery plan will work.
  • Song Woojin suspected that the robbery team could eavesdrop on his phone, so he instructed his colleagues to turn off all communication devices.

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