Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz Smartwatch Review: BT Calls Everyone

If you need an elegant looking smartwatch with bluetooth calling capabilities, it’s worth considering the Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz. But is it an overall package? Find it in the reviews here.

A smartwatch with bluetooth calling and it’s also under Rs. The 3500 is hard to find. You can easily take advantage of smart features such as fitness tracking, sport mode, and display notifications, but the level of accuracy is a challenge. To check almost every box of requirements, Noise invented the Colorfit UltraBuzz Smartwatch. Currently available on Rs. 3,299, Ultra Buzz not only allows you to answer calls and reply quickly, but also provides other basic smartwatch features. Does it seem too good to buy? To make the same decision, you need to know if your watch really offers the promised performance. I’ve been using NoiseColorfit Ultra Buzz for a while and this is what I have to say. Read the full review to find out.

Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz: Design and Display

If you want an affordable and premium looking smartwatch, consider Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz. The watch gets a large rectangular curved dial and comes with a removable 22mm silicone strap. The main body is made of plastic, but the modeling quality is good. The watch is lightweight (42.5 grams) and is comfortable to wear.

For the display, the Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz features a 1.75 inch LCD display with the right brightness and can be adjusted at your convenience. The bezel of the watch is thick, but it doesn’t bother me so much. The touch screen is responsive and the screen size is large, so you don’t have to worry about reading the displayed text. This watch is also water resistant to IP68.

Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz: Fitness mode and tracking accuracy

Like all other smartwatches, the Noise Colorfit UltraBuzz smartwatch has many health and fitness tracking capabilities. The smartwatch supports 100 sport modes including running sports, cycling, indoor sports and outdoor sports. And the best part is that all these sport modes are accessible from the smartwatch itself. It also has a heart rate monitor, SpO2, stress monitor, sleep count and more. But the question is how exactly all these features work.

This watch monitored heart rate and oxygen levels almost accurately compared to health monitoring devices, but had inaccuracies in step tracking. Sleep monitoring also changed in 30-40 minutes, and the clock did not record a nap. Coming to sport mode, I tested only walking and running modes, and yes, the number tracked was more than I actually walked or ran. This watch also tracks the menstrual cycle of female users.

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Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz: Bluetooth calling and other features

You can use Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz to make calls, answer calls quickly, and send SMS. Speakers and microphones work correctly. However, the loudspeakers are not very loud, so in public places you should use your phone to hear the sound correctly. For quick replies, there are specific pre-made replies that you can use or even add what you need. You will also receive notification alerts, emails, drinking water, hand washing and other reminders when you turn on the power. The clock controls the music, provides the weather forecast, and controls the camera of the mobile phone. All of these features worked perfectly fine.

When it comes to the software experience and the NoiseFit app, it’s very user-friendly, easy to understand and operate. In addition, the app can easily connect to the phone and automatically sync data without displaying lag. This app can also be used to personalize your watch face.

Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz: Battery

The battery life provided by the watch is decent. According to the company, this watch can be used for up to 5 days under normal use, which is almost correct during my use. However, it takes a long time to charge the watch. When fully depleted, it takes about two and a half hours to fully charge.

Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz: Verdict

Noise Colorfit Ultra Buzz is a viable option if you need a premium looking smartwatch with Bluetooth calling and other smart features. Counts such as steps and sleep time are not very accurate, but you can negotiate the price range offered by the watch. The watch also provides a decent battery life. The interface of the app is also clean and easy to use.

Product name

Noise Color Fit Ultra Buzz

Strong Points

  • Bluetooth call
  • Quick replies to calls and SMS
  • Decent battery life
  • Elegant design


  • Inaccuracies in step counting and sleep monitoring
  • Charge slowly
  • Speaker volume is low


  • screen

    1.75 inch LCD display

  • battery


  • sensor

    SpO2, heart rate, accelerometer

  • Water resistance evaluation


  • bluetooth


  • App support

    Android 7 or later and iOS 10 or later


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