NuraTruePro Bluetooth headphones claim “CD quality”.

Since then, Nura has built the entire brand with a focus on optimization. .. But that’s only very useful. Obviously, the music source also needs to be as high quality as possible. Today, the company announces the Nura True Pro, a wireless TWS set that supports the highest quality Bluetooth codecs ever.

AptX Lossless is new enough to support almost nothing at this time. But given that it’s part of Qualcomm’s platform, it won’t be long for most Android flagships to adopt it. Apple users, on the other hand, may be waiting forever, given the lack of support for AptX or other high-definition audio over Bluetooth other than the company’s implementation.

Nonetheless, NuraTrue Pro now belongs to a fairly exclusive club that supports new codecs capable of 16-bit / 44.1Khz “CD quality” audio. The company hopes that these TWS will become a reference point for audio quality when combined with its own “customized” audio. This means that in addition to all other flavors of AptX (HD, Adaptive, etc.), of course, it also supports Apple-enabled codecs.

One NuraTrue earphone is drawn next to the charging case.

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Of course, in addition to more loyal support, there are some other new features to separate these from the company’s original NuraTrue. To get started, you’ll find spatial audio, improved ANC, upcoming “ProEQ” tools for fine-tuning audio, and claimed 2-hour battery life support. This goes from the original 6 hours to 8 hours on a single charge. The case provides an additional 24 hours of charging before you need to reach for that USB-C cable.

Most importantly, the Pro model has been slightly redesigned with a new smooth metal material around the edges and around the logo. This will prevent you from being mistaken for using last year’s model.

Almost everything else matches what you would expect from Nura headphones. So here’s an automatic hearing test for personalized audio. It takes about a minute to do this in your app and you only need to do it once. You can also export the profile to other devices if desired. Profiles are stored locally on the headphones, which is beneficial for desktop PCs and the like.

The same applies to “immersion mode”. In the over-ear, this was a tactile “bass” feature, but on all other models it’s closer to bass boost mode. It works fine, but it can be a bit overwhelming at high volumes (especially for music with heavy bass in the first place). In the pre-release model Nura submitted for testing, almost everything above zero seems to be distorted, so immersion mode feels a bit too aggressive or needs tweaking.

But that’s only about audio complaints. Comparing these side-by-side with the original NuraTrue, it’s not much different from the standard YouTube Music stream, but when added in spatial mode, it feels a bit more “air” in the mix, as if the soundstage were. I can. It’s a bit wider and in some cases doesn’t sacrifice volume.

NuraTrue wireless headphones in a closed charging case.

James Trew / Engadget

Sadly, my iPhone can’t offer anything with a delicious AptX Lossless, but the 3-year-old OnePlus 7 Pro I’m lying on can manage: (AptXAdaptive): I must say that I am generally impressed with the performance of Nura True Pro. I was worried that the combination of space and personalization, in addition to support for new codecs, could highlight unwanted frequencies, especially when adding EQ on top.

Instead, it looks nicely harmonious, sturdy and spacious, but doesn’t produce an overly “altered” sound.I am serious teeth Fixed, it’s a kind of Nura’s overall mood, but it’s not sound So that’s important.

If you’re not sure why your customized headphones need additional “Pro EQ” features, you’re primarily providing the user with a choice. In theory, Nura’s hearing test should provide all the EQ you need, but of course you might prefer something a little clearer in the midrange. The tools are for those who need it.

Overall, NuraTrue Pro should be a welcome addition to the already extensive lineup from Nura. Despite the company’s established product release, NuraTruePro will be available later this year. That may be a particular point for some people, To do This means you can put your set in a bag for a super early price of $ 199. The normal retail price is a little north of $ 329 (£ 299 / € 359).

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