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Today, Nura announces the latest true wireless earphones called Nura True Pro. These enhanced earphones offer many improvements over the previous generation and have been used for the past few weeks prior to today’s launch. Delivering CD-quality lossless audio over Bluetooth, these earphones were the first to bring Qualcomm’s latest aptX Lossless technology to market. In addition, NuraTrue Pro also includes Nura’s patented custom-made audio experience, spatial processing, and adaptive active noise cancellation. So how much can NuraTruePro withstand Apple’s AirPods Pro? Also, when will it be officially released? Let’s take a closer look at the following.

NuraTrue Pro is a true wireless earphone full of features

NuraTrue Pro is the latest true wireless earphone from the most unique headphone company you’ve ever heard of. A little inside story. The company made its debut about five years ago in a crowdfunding campaign to change the way people listen to audio. Basically, Luke Campbell, the current CEO of Nura and one of the co-founders who could sit with us about the launch of NuraTrue Pro, studied in the field of otolaryngology (ears, nose, throat). I was in the medical field.

As part of this, Luke and others wondered, “How can we adapt this technology to headphones and improve the user’s listening experience?” Simply put, NuraPhones (then) and NuraTrue Pro (now) can play a series of sounds when first inserted into your ear, listen to the response tones, and then create and enjoy a 100% custom EQ profile. I can do it. This profile is amazing and everyone who has experienced the EQ process is amazed at the difference as it is tailored to a particular hearing.

This process took quite some time on the original NuraPhone, but it’s actually a bit faster on the NuraTruePro thanks to the faster processor and new technology. It takes a total of 1-2 minutes (it can be a bit longer in some environments) and should be fairly quiet and quiet to work. It’s better to be quiet, but when you’re in the coffee shop, you can always rerun it when you set it up. After completing the profiling stage, the Nura app will display the soundtrack sound if you don’t enable profiling. I hear … is it normal? It may be a little flat, but it’s pretty normal.

Second, it’s great to turn on the new EQ profile. I turned the profile on and off even when I was listening to a song that I had listened to dozens of times. With Nura, you can choose individual sounds from tracks you’ve never heard of before. If you’ve never experienced it, it’s amazing. Another thing that happens when you first insert the NuraTrue Pro is “perfect fit detection,” which uses a sensor to ensure that the bud fits your ear properly. There are four sizes of silicone eartips, one set of foam eartips, and two sizes of secure fit wings, with options for all shapes and sizes. What’s more, each bud has an in-ear sensor that automatically pauses the music when you pull it out and resumes it when you reinsert it.

NuraTrue Pro improves the speed and size required for Nura’s patented EQ technology, but it doesn’t really drive a lot of user innovation. Instead, NuraTrue Pro focused on improving the overall user experience when listening to music. These new true wireless earphones have a lot of new features you’ve never seen in headphones before. A starting point is the introduction of Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless technology. This can take 18 to 24 hours, depending on market adoption, but is expected to be seen on mainstream smartphones in the next 6 to 12 months. This technology supports true lossless CD quality streaming over Bluetooth. This is new. The Bluetooth codec can send 16-bit 44.1kHz audio to the new Nura True Pro when used with a supported headset or if you have a Nura proprietary transmitter. Yes, Nura is working with Qualcomm to work with USB-C on any device, including macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and even Android, as long as the platform supports audio over USB-C. We are selling transmitters. An aptX Lossless version of the dongle will be available at a later date, but during the Kickstarter campaign, the aptX Adaptive dongle, which offers about 80% of the lossless data rate and is a big step up from most Macs, is available for $ 29. Or a Windows computer.

Moving on to other new features in NuraTrue Pro, you’ll find Bluetooth 5.3 with multipoint support. I didn’t expect this to work that well at first, but it’s actually very good. I’m used to being in the Apple ecosystem, right? I have AirPods turned on and I can switch devices intelligently. With other headphones? It’s not worth it. Or it wasn’t. NuraTrue Pro allows you to easily switch between listening to audio on your MacBook Pro and using it on your iPhone and get it back without any problems. In addition, NuraTrue Pro offers dynamic primary earphone switching, one of AirPods’ greatest features that most true wireless earphones usually miss. This means that you can put right, left, or both earphones at once and they will flip back and forth. When I’m not using AirPods, I always miss this feature because I sometimes want to put one bud while the other buds are still in the case. That’s exactly what you can do with NuraTruePro.

NuraTrue Pro has a bone conduction sensor built in along with the other three microphones to provide a “very clear voice call”. This is due to a better signal-to-noise ratio, and with NuraTrue pro you can clearly convey your voice to the caller, even if you have “a lot of ambient noise”. Nura has also improved the charging case. It charges via USB-C and has a built-in Qi receiver so you can set it in a wireless charger to charge it. Each NuraTruePro bud has a customizable touch button that can be programmed to have up to eight unique features.

Continue to find improved adaptive active noise canceling. It adapts dynamically to always get the best experience. In addition, NuraTruePro now supports Spatial Audio. This was not possible with the original NuraTrue buds.

NuraTrue Pro released today on Kickstarter with Super Early Bird discounts $ 199However, the retail price will be $ 329. It will be shipped within the next few months.

9to5Toys take

Me loved My original Nura Phones. They were very nice … with the exception … they weren’t comfortable. The original over-ear headphones had in-ear headphones, and even though they sounded great, they weren’t comfortable to wear for long periods of time. After all, I sold them because they weren’t for me. Then there was Nura Loop, which I was also excited about. It was Nura Phones, but it was more comfortable. Unfortunately, they also don’t work, and according to Nura, they only fit about 80% of people who actually wear them.

But now I actually found Nura I want Wear. I still have an AirPods Pro, but NuraTrue Pro has a place on my desk and workshop for when I want to enjoy music with the highest quality possible.

When you’re not at the desk writing deals and reviews, you can find me in a garage workshop that has a CNC router and other woodworking tools. One of my favorite things about the AirPods Pro is that I got a Comply tip and enhanced hearing protection in the store, even when I’m not playing audio. NuraTrue Pro? Well, they also carry out their mission, if not a little better than the AirPods Pro for blocking sound. With over 100 dB readings from all running tools, you can insert NuraTrue Pro without playing audio with ANC turned on and sit comfortably without worrying about long-term deafness. ..

Overall, I’m very impressed with NuraTruePro, even if I haven’t experienced aptX Lossless yet. Instead of carrying around big and bulky over-ear headphones, I love Nura’s always-on, fully personalized sound experience in his pocket. They will modify them for their desk at some point.

If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality true wireless earphones that make Apple’s AirPods Pro run honestly for their money in many ways, NuraTruePro is probably the best set on the market to do that.

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