OneOdio’s A70 headphones provide audiophile sound on a budget

For those of us who want to drown the outside world with music, the nice headphones that you can wear on your ears have a tremendous effect. And in 2022, I don’t want to deal with nasty wires anymore.

So today we’ll look at the OneOdio A70 wireless headphones. OneOdio manufactures affordable headphones with DJs and audiophiles in mind, providing excellent sound quality at an affordable price.

The A70 is a wireless headphone designed with deep bass fans in mind. With 90 degree rotating ear cups and a soft leather headband, it’s comfortable and versatile.

A70 headphones are available on the OneOdio website for a regular price of $ 69.99, but are currently priced at $ 44.99. It’s also a bit cheaper from Amazon and is available for just $ 42.99.

Let’s take a look at what the A70 headphones offer.

What’s inside the box?

Oneodioa70 headphones with bag
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Again, the A70 headphones are wireless, and the One Odio seems to have had portability in mind with its design. The box they were in didn’t look big enough to hold a pair of headphones, let alone a pair of ear-hooks of this size.

However, the headphones fold into a fairly compact size. It comes in a soft leather bag with a drawstring bag that is convenient to carry.

In addition to the headphones, there are two audio jacks, 3.5mm to 3.5mm and 3.5mm to 6.5mm.

A USB-Micro-USB cable for charging the headphones is also included. And it’s great that this has been added since most of us abandoned Micro-USB a few years ago. But the battery is pretty impressive. Up to 72 hours of playback is possible.

Still, it would have been nice if the headphones had a USB-C port for charging instead of the old Micro-USB.

How do they feel?

oedodioa70 headphone bottom
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When it comes to actually wearing headphones, they pass the comfort test. It’s relatively lightweight, so I don’t feel like there’s a huge gadget on top of my head.

In addition, the headband is a soft memory foam-like material covered with leatherette. Also, the earphones are made of the same material, so they are soft to the touch.

If you wear it for a long time, it tends to be a little warm, but if you remove it for about 1 minute, the heat will be dispersed and it will be cool and comfortable.

The ear cups also rotate up to 90 degrees. This isn’t exactly the same flexibility you’ll find on other One Odio headphones, such as the Monitor 60, but it’s enough to comfortably wear A70 headphones.

How do they sound?

Oneodioa70 headphones inside
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Of course, it doesn’t matter how comfortable your headphones are, even if they don’t sound good. Fortunately, it’s not a problem with A70 headphones.

A70 headphones sound amazingly good for a pair of headphones that you can get for less than $ 50. The earcups feature dual 40mm drivers and the sound is tuned for bass-rich music and content.

The overall sound is clear and clean, but nothing surprises audiophiles. However, it is quite impressive for wireless headphones at this price.

What makes headphones really good is music with lots of bass in the background. The bass is powerful, but it’s controlled, and it sounds great whether you turn it down or up.

Need to buy OneOdio A70 wireless headphones?

outside the oneodioa70 headphones
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I was pleasantly surprised by the One Odio A70. They are really lightweight and mobile and can be folded very small with a carrying case.

And all leatherette / memory foam combinations bring a comfortable experience.

Headphones sound very good for under $ 50 and are a good choice for music fans with lots of bass.

There are a few things I’ll change about the A70 headphones. I would like USB-C instead of Micro-USB for charging. And I wish the ear cups had a little more rotational mobility.

But those are small complaints. Overall, I was impressed with the OneOdio A70 headphones. Again, they are available on the company’s website for a selling price of $ 44.99.

They usually sell for $ 69.99 and I would be a little skeptical about recommending headphones at that price. But even better, it’s available on Amazon for $ 42.99. This is even cheaper than the selling price of the website.

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